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EU “LGBTI Goodwill Ambassador” provokes Christians with male Mother of God


Just at Christmas time, the LGBTI community is once again speaking provocatively. In a Twitter post, the newly elected European “LGBTI ambassador” Riccardo Simonetti apparently wanted to promote his new role and the “highly acclaimed community”.

With highly provocative pictures that show him in the form of the Mother of God Mary with the Child Jesus and a (clearly) colored Joseph. The no less evocative text then reads as follows: “If we ignore the fact that Jesus was not white, we might as well believe that the Virgin Mary had a beard, why not?”

Gay German entertainer as “ambassador”

Riccardo Simonetti (born February 16, 1993 in Bad Reichenhall) is a German entertainer, presenter, author, model, actor and columnist.

These days, Riccardo Simonetti has his own TV show, which supposedly set ratings records, is a bestselling author, popular TV face and one of the most photographed male celebrities in Germany. As an author, he has published various works, including one with the title “Mama ich bin schwul” (Mama I am gay), which is probably sobering for many parents.

Another of his literary “treats,” titled “Raffi and His Pink Tutu,” whose cover features an early pubescent boy with a baseball cap and pink tutu skirt, may have sent the LGBTI community to storms of enthusiasm. Subsequently, it will probably also have contributed significantly to his nomination as EU ambassador.

According to Simonetti’s own statements, this is probably the greatest honour he has ever received to have been appointed EU Special Envoy. “I take the responsibility that this function entails very seriously and hope to create even more visibility for a community that is so often on the margins of society,” Simonetti said.

European Parament ́s LGBTI Intergroup

The work of the Intergroup is to monitor the work of the European Union.

This mainly includes monitoring the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LCLIs) in EU Member States and beyond. Also the contact with civil society groups to present their concerns at European level.

So now there is also the highly provocative special ambassador Simonetti, who is not only highly provocative in the Christian sense, who has gladly accepted this, according to the already known pattern without doubt highly lucrative side job. He then expressed this joy in his tweet.

On the part of the Visegrad countries, there was understandably a hail of condemnations for this “provocative, insensitive and blasphemous contribution”. In the sense of the Christian values of Europe, which are still prevalent, such a provocation, especially in the run-up to Christmas, must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.


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