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Friday, June 9, 2023

Eric Zemmour: Preserving national identity labelled racist

By: V4 Agency

It is no longer European values but the ideology of diversity that the European Union seeks to protect, the renowned French essayist pointed out wile commenting on the controversy sparked by plans to illuminate Munich’s Euro 2020 stadium in the symbolic rainbow. People wanting to preserve their identity are accused of racism, Zemmour said, citing Hungary as an example.

Plans to illuminate Munich’s Allianz Arena in rainbow colours for the Euro 2020 match between the German and the Hungarian national squads provoked strong reactions. Eventually, UEFA had the final say, with a decision to ban the LGBTQ lighting of the stadium.

Commenting on the issue, renowned French essayist Eric Zemmour said in a televised political debate on Face a l’Info that the European Union has diverged from the original European values undergirding the single market and has instead decided to protect the ideology of diversity.

Zemmour pointed out that both the EU and the single market were founded by Christian democrats – the German Konrad Adenauer, the Italian Alcide Gasperi and the French Robert Schumann – who did not promote homosexuality, and thus, it is factually not true that the Union is defending European values. The essayist says those merely trying to protect their national identity are accused of racism. This is nothing short of a political scandal as the EU institutions are being used to fight European governments and nations refusing to accept and submit to the ideology of diversity.

Eric Zemmour also addressed the accusations targeting Hungary over a new law and stood up for Viktor Orban and his government. The essayist emphasised that this was clearly neither a ban on, nor the introduction of sanctions against homosexuality, but only a barring of its promotion to children in schools. Zemmour added that if a poll on the issue were conducted in France, 80 per cent of respondents would agree with the Hungarian government’s measures.

Eric Zemmour believes that the promotion of homosexuality has no place in schools.


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