English patriots have a warning countdown timer that counts down to the day when whites in the British Isles will become a minority. It will be very, very soon

(Photo: PrintScreen/Patrioticalternative)

The British association »Patriotic Alternative« believes that in less than half a century, the white population in the British Isles will become a minority.

They base their beliefs on studies by demographers, including Professor David Colemana of Oxford University, who predict that third world migration and the high birth rate of migrants will make whites a minority in the UK in 2066. The Patriotic Alternative notes that whites are already a minority in many cities in the Islands, such as Leicester, Luton, Birmingham, Slough and also in the capital London.

The Patriotic Alternative has posted a clock on its website that counts down the time to the moment when whites in Britain will become a minority. This will therefore happen in 45 years, 80 days and 17 hours (from the moment of publication of this article).