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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Electoral fraud: The confession of a Democrat

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that an American citizen and a supporter of Democrats confessed to the New York Post that he helped rig federal elections. He claims that he supported Bernie Sanders who was defeated in the primaries by Joe Biden. He also said that we would rather reveal everything than follow Biden.

So, with the help of corona virus crisis, because of which many voters decided to cast their vote from home by mail, the fraud was widespread within postal voting. According to the confession, the anti-Trump camp have engaged in every possible scheme that they could think of. 

One scheme consisted of frauds posing as members of a public service association, making rounds and telling the voters that they can sand their votes in their stead. But after they would get a hold of the voter’s envelopes, they would just forge a signature and replace the ballot paper for Trump with the one for Biden. The confessor said that it was all “much easier than you think”. To avoid any suspicion the frauds would then scatter the envelopes in different letterboxes all over the towns in where this happened.

Another more direct technique was that the people hostile to Trump, who work in Republican sector, would just throw away the envelopes containing in 95 % of the cases, voter for the current president.

In addition, the fraud was also taking place in retirement homes. As the anonymous confessor said: “In some retirement homes the nurse is actually paid operator. She goes room by room asking elderly people to vote, only needing their signature”. And making sure the vote is for Biden.

And finally, the frauds would also usurp the identity of the people who abstained from voting, which was an easy task as the presentation of an identity document is not required in many states.

Trump and Biden supporters are now quarreling over the credibility of this testimony of a Bernie Sanders supporter while the democratic process is getting stained as never before in the U.S.A.

Watch his statement.


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