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Cologne: Muezzin instead of Christ Child – call to prayer from mosque for the first time on Christmas Eve


As the “Ditib” platform “Mosque Forum” announced, the DITIB Central Mosque in Cologne had submitted an application for a public call to prayer to the city. The agreement reached with the city of Cologne during the construction of the mosque in 2008 to dispense with muezzin sound systems was replaced by a “new agreement”.

As predicted by the AfD, the “model project” will be a permanent state. According to “Ditib”, “the duration is currently not foreseeable”.

Joachim Paul, member of the AfD federal executive committee, commented:

“While Christmas markets are being cancelled all over Germany, citizens in cities and municipalities are soon likely to hear the call of the muezzins – via loudspeakers and this year also on Christmas Eve. Citizens are now witnessing every day how the established and old parties are rolling out the prayer rug for political Islam on the one hand and opening up spaces of social influence, and on the other hand actively dismantling Christian traditions and customs at all levels. Islamists and fundamentalists rub their hands

They are likely to follow this development closely and – quite rightly – see it as a sign of weakness. This also applies to an EU guideline, which advises to refrain from terms such as ‘Christmas’, instead it should be referred to as ‘holidays’. The author of the foreword, EU Equal Opportunities Commissioner Helena Dali, recently made headlines for meeting with Islamists. As if Europe had no cultural roots and was only an arena for aloof left-wing social engineers.

This policy endangers social peace and social cohesion in the long term and promotes the aspirations of Islamists, who can now announce to their followers that a society forgotten about tradition is ripe for their plans. Only the AfD opposes these plans and rejects the reputation of the muezzins – it does not compensate for a deficit of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion, but represents a claim to power that is particularly dubious and questionable in connection with the dismantling of our traditions by established and old parties – especially on Christmas Eve.”


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