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Brussels unperturbed by Jewish TV’s eviction

By: V4 Agency

The left-wing leadership of Budapest’s 7th district has cancelled its property use agreement with Europe’s only Jewish television station, arguing that the district has different plans in terms of utilising the property. V4NA has asked Brussels to comment on the case but they remained silent.

The mayor of Budapest’s 7th district, Peter Niedermuller, who is also a former MEP of the left-wing Democratic Coalition (DK) party, has evicted HetiTV, the only Jewish television station in Hungary and Europe. Peter Breuer, the director of HetiTV, has indicated that the Jewish TV station can remain in the building until April 30, 2021. According to Mr Breuer, Cabinet Chief Miklos Merenyi wrote him a letter on 22 December, 2020, in which he explained that “he didn’t quite understand why I was making such a fuss when he already told me in November that I was fired.”

What's Brussels' take on anti-Semitic eviction by capital?
What’s Brussels’ take on anti-Semitic eviction by capital?

A local government in Hungary has cancelled its property use agreement with a Jewish televisions station,…

As Brussels, Washington, and organisations affiliated with US stock market speculator George Soros often express strong criticism over the Hungarian media situation, V4NA has sent them a letter to learn what they think about Heti TV’s eviction.

We have written to these institutions and organisations:

  • Reporters Without Borders,
  • Amnesty International Hungary,
  • European Parliament,
  • European Commission,
  • US State Department.

Seeking answers to simple questions, we wanted to know:

  1. whether they condemn the eviction of the Jewish television station?
  2. what they think about such an anti-Semitic move?

Last Wednesday we also asked Brussels if they plan to launch an investigation in the case, but the institutions listed above seem eerily unperturbed about the Jewish televison’s fate and they remained silent. Last Friday the European Commission contacted V4NA, asking “can you please let us know what is your deadline.” We asked them to respond by 1 pm, but it appears that the issue is so embarrassing for them that they need more time to respond.

The fact that George Soros’s organisations have remained silent also speaks volumes.

Reporters Without Borders, which received 175,000 dollars from the Open Society Foundations in 2019, continues to rank Hungary lower and lower in its press freedom rankings every year since 2013. Last year, the Hungary occupied the 89th position on the organisation’s global list.

Amnesty International reported last May that several countries – including Azerbaijan, Hungary, Russia, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Tanzania,  along with several Gulf countries – had passed laws against “fake news”, using the pandemic as a pretext. In 2019 alone, the organisation received nearly 1.5 million dollars from Soros’s network.


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