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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Biden turns his back on BLM

By: V4 Agency

Joe Biden has discussed racial equality with civil rights leaders without inviting anyone to represent the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM activists were outraged, stressing that their exclusion from the meeting – after helping Biden to power – is unacceptable.

Although the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement has written to Joe Biden, reminding him that their support helped him win the presidential race and that they expected something in exchange, the Democratic politician appears unresponsive. The projected winner of the US presidential race held a discussion on racial equality with civil rights leaders, but BLM was not invited to the meeting.

The online discussion was attended by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and those invited to participate included civil rights activists Al Sharpton and leaders of the National Urban League and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, among others. None of the BLM movement’s leaders, however, received an invitation, although they were expecting to forge a good relationship with the incoming Biden administration.

The meeting did not escape BLM’s notice and, posting on the movement’s social media page, some offended activists complained that representatives of history’s largest social and civil rights movement were left uninvited. They described this as unacceptable, arguing that members of the group would have deserved a seat at the table.

Later they wrote that the “civil rights movement of the 21st century involves BLM. To leave us out is to ignore the millions of people who brought the Biden Harris victory home.” They added: “we are watching, we are waiting, and we are tired of waiting.”


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