Biden to Visit UK First to Plot ‘Destiny of the World’ with Boris Johnson

(Photo by STA/Xinhua, House of Commons)

by A.P.

President-Elect Joe Biden will reportedly make his first international trip outside of North America to the United Kingdom to plot the “destiny of the world” with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a source close to the 77-year-old Democrat has claimed.

Insiders within the Biden camp have pointed to the G7 meeting in June, which will be hosted by the UK in Cornwall, as the likely time of the meeting.

A source cited as a “close friend” of Mr Biden told the British paper The Daily Telegraph that the president-elect will look to put aside differences over Brexit, to which Biden has long expressed his opposition.

“Boris is a conservative, Joe’s a moderate [Democrat] so I think they can get over it. I think they’ll end up getting along,” the source said, illustrating how far to the left the UK Tory party is on almost all matters, compared to U.S. political parties.