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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Who are Slovenian “academics” misleading? Now they are lying to European and world public about the situation in Slovenia, and foreign academics are supposed to be disturbed by the establishment of the Museum of Slovenian Independence?

by Gašper Blažič

Apparently the strawberry selection of so-called leftists’ academics cannot get enough of writing some kind of petition about how the totalitarian Janša government is oppressing them. Instead, they decided to follow an example of the 2007 anti-censorship petition, and mislead the European and even the world public.

“As many as 150 experts, with a vast majority of academics from Central and South-Eastern Europe as well as the USA, signed a public letter expressing their concern over the autonomy of academics and experts in Slovenia, who are limited by “the hand of steel” ruling of Janez Janša,” was reported today by 24ur.com portal, which refers to the Balkan Insight portal. The signers supposedly pointed out attempts that the government is trying to subjugate important cultural and academic institutions in Slovenia, and that academic freedom in Slovenia is endangered. According to them, ever since their election, the government has been interfering in naming of museums and the director of the research institute.

Well, the most bizarre thing is that signers from abroad are bothered by the intention of the government to establish the Museum of Slovenian Independence, which is planned for 2022. Of course, we can only guess what the Museum of Slovenian Independence has to do with the foreign academic public. Especially considering that the text, which was obviously served from Slovenian leftist circles, was signed by academics from the USA all the way to Kazakhstan. And we can ask ourselves why someone who has a successful academic career in their country would be bothered by the government establishing a Museum of Slovenian Independence. In fact, it is really bizarre that now some foreign professors of progressive orientation are ordering the government of a sovereign state what it may and may not establish. In short, pure madness.


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