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While extreme leftists can threaten with death unpunished, a court has sentenced a well-known journalist to prison for allegedly impatiently commenting on migrants on Twitter

By: Gašper Blažič

In the new issue of Demokracija, published today, we write about the phenomena of death threats in the main topic, which are expressed in various ways by extreme leftists (even vandalism), while law enforcement authorities are silent or looking for reasons why such practices are not punishable. Although these are not just threats to Prime Minister Janez Janša, but to all those who belong to the spring political camp or declare themselves as anti-communists and patriots. And it is clear that the prosecution and the judiciary, which are declaratively independent social subsystems (but are actually directed by the political underworld), do not set any boundaries for authors of threats, so it can be expected that they will increasingly move from words to deeds.

It is well known that various left wing activists constantly emphasise that almost everything is endangered in our country because of the “right government”: democracy, human rights, culture, economy, individual freedom, freedom of expression, etc. At the same time, they are telling on the government abroad and, through associations, publishing articles in foreign media, where they portray their own country as a kind of banana republic, ruled by a dictator. At the same time, of course, they mix the objective facts of democracy and freedom with their own whims and privileges. And when these are threatened, then, according to them, democracy is threatened. Nothing new, they actually act like these all the time when the “wrong” option is in power, only to show their own violence in their revolutionary zeal. In doing so, they are clearly hiding from the fact that the indices of democracy in our country always measure improvement when the parties of the transitional left are not in power. Of course, the level of democracy would be much better if the political underworld would not set its own rules through the judiciary and the prosecution. We now also have very concrete evidence of this in our hands.

Convicted due to twitter posts

Yesterday, many have probably heard when the well-known journalist Martin Česenj, who was once active in the field of motoring, announced via Twitter that he had been sentenced to six months in prison with a probation period of two years due to some Twitter posts, and then closed his twitter account. Of course, we were interested in what has happened. In a telephone conversation, he explained that he had received a judgment from the Koper District Court in the mail yesterday, in which Judge Melita Černe found him guilty of spreading intolerance under Article 297 of the Criminal Code. It is said to be about three records on Twitter from 2016, dated by the court on March 28th, 2016. Their content is as follows: “What is it now? Are we going to let the horde cross again across our southern (Schengen) border and are we finally going to shoot someone who crosses it illegally?”; “These are not humans, but animal rabble, so they need to be killed so that we and our descendants can survive.”; and Let them be thrown into the sea.” As stated in the reasoning of the verdict, the accused allegedly spread intolerance against people of foreign nationality, in this case against (illegal) migrants.

Only a month and a half from the filing of the indictment to the verdict

But what is frightening about this verdict is the fact that the indictment – signed by prosecutor Natali Volčič Ivanič from the Koper prosecutor’s office – was issued on December 29th, 2020, and the Koper court rushed and issued a verdict on February 12th this year, which means that less than a month and a half has passed from the filing of the indictment to the issuance of the verdict, which is an incredible speed considering the proverbial slowness of court mills in Slovenia. It is not known who the whistleblower is, but the infamous web portal Spletno oko apparently forwarded seven more records to the prosecution, which Martin Česenj posted on Twitter last year. In a telephone conversation, Česenj explained to us that he had only been questioned by the police, and that he had not been summoned to a court, so that he could not defend himself at all and explain the circumstances, as the indictment accused him of threatening migrants with violent drowning with the third of the disputed records (“Let them be thrown into the sea.”), which is not evident from the record.

It is therefore obvious that the whistleblower sent torn screenshots from Twitter to the prosecution, and apparently added his own interpretation to them, the prosecution believed this and seemingly the judge who gave the verdict also acted under this impression. As our southern brothers would say: “Whoever sues, also judges” Well, maybe at least the record on the shooting could be a certain echo of the conduct of the judge (also from Koper!), who used to be enthusiastic about confrontations with those who crossed the border illegally – this is, of course, now the former president of the Supreme Court Branko Masleša. Thus: from the point of view of procedure, the court proceedings against Česenj were extremely controversial. In a telephone conversation, Česenj admitted that he was sharp several times in his Twitter posts, but he cannot name someone who slaughters, destroys, and rapes anything else than rabble.

Now, compare this case proceeding with how prosecutors and judges respond to the rejected and perverted actions of extreme leftists. More than obviously there are double standards!


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