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We are publishing documents: Čeferin’s functional experiences with NK Olimpija are false, he should never become the president of UEFA!

Aleksander Čeferin. (Photo: epa)

By: Luka Perš/Nova24tv.si

“One of the major Slovenian portals has started investigating crime in the Croatian Football Association and the entire Balkan region,” said a whistleblower Krunoslav Grlević, about criminal acts in Croatian football in his last interview with a Croatian investigative journalist. All the indecencies of the president of the Croatian Football Association and member of the UEFA executive committee Davor Šuker are very well known to UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin and influential Slovenian football officials Radenko Mijatovič, Vlado Šajn, and Tomaž Vesel. We will exclusively disclose documents on how Aleksander Čeferin lied about his football experience at NK Olimpija Ljubljana and easily reached the European football throne.

The Tomaž Vesel affair and his “afternoon” earnings at FIFA opened a Pandora’s box about Aleksandar Čeferin’s work in the European Football Association (UEFA). We revealed the background and influential individuals who helped Aleksandar Čeferin to the throne of one of the most powerful world positions of the President of the European Football Association. We revealed that during the management of Čeferin, the Football Association of Slovenia spent at least five million euros of irrationally spent money on the construction of NNC Brdo. Aleksander Čeferin created the biggest stain on his march for the president of the NHS, where he came with false information and a deliberate deception of all those involved.

Our media reported that Čeferin’s central allies in football circles in the Balkans are the president of the Croatian Football Association, a member of the UEFA Executive Board Davor Šuker, and the president of the Serbian Football Association Slaviša Kokeza. In the last interview, whistleblower Krunuslav Grlević stressed our writing about irregularities in Croatian football of Davor Šuker. For a long time now, the central media in the Croatian public have wanted to cover up the truth about serious criminal activities in Croatian football.

Krunuslav Grlević fled abroad due to death threats. In a recent interview with Croatian investigative journalist Domagoj Margetič, Grlević revealed the connections between Šuker and Croatia’s “king of landfills” Zoran Popiz. Grlević notes that an influential group around Popiz took over Croatian football for easier money laundering, as he said in an interview. He claims that he also has documents for all his claims he has made public. Due to his controversial past, Davor Šuker is only a puppet in the hands of a controversial Croatian businessman, who represents one of the godfathers of the deep state in Croatia, claims Grlevič.

Who is lying to you? Gianni Infantino or Aleksander Čeferin about the beginning of the end of the Champions League?

These are just a few facts about Davor Šuker’s unpleasant past. Influential officials of Slovenian football know all about this. The central figure is represented by the president of the European Football Association, Alexander Čeferin. His loyal assistants are the president of the Football Association of Slovenia, Radenko Mijatović, and the president of the Court of Audit, as well as the influential afternoon official at FIFA, Tomaž Vesel. But in the end, the president of the Slovenian football referees and the influential UEFA official Vlado Šajn still has the main say in all important decisions in Slovenia and in the Balkan region.

Radenko Mijatovič is a well-known businessman on the Slovenian scene and a former member of the Cetis management. Today, he is a director of MSIN d.o.o., a consulting and investment company. It would be very interesting to look at the composition of the leadership of the company’s management and with whom MSIN mostly does business with. No less innocent is Šajn with a bunch of his lending companies. One of his business pillars is Mediafin. We will reveal to you what they did in Šajn’s company in one of the future articles. Just for information, Mediafin lent money at an 8 to 12 percent rate!

But let’s get back to the present. On Saturday, the Croatian media portal Index.hr, which is very credible for leftists, reported that Aleksander Čeferin will be the executioner of the Champions League. It was clear in the media from the moment when the Grosuplje lawyer occupied the European football prestige that he would not bow to the European football giants. However, according to the Croatian media, the step from the co-called Super Champions League is only one.

Only mostly European giants from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and England would play in it, as well as maybe ten clubs from other countries. There is no need for a genius as every football leather enthusiast can calculate how many chances a football club from Slovenia will have. Petrič’s Delo has already provided information that FIFA president Gianni Infantino is behind everything, despite the fact that he denied information about the Super League project in October last year. Who is lying to you? The decision is yours.

Aleksander Čeferin lied about his work experience as an official in NK Olimpija Ljubljana!

In one of the articles, we explored the past of an influential Slovenian lawyer as a football official in the clubs FC Litija, FC Ljubljana Lawyers, and NK Olimpija. We asked for minutes at the administrative units of Grosuplje, Litija, and Ljubljana. In the first case, they referred us to a link to their old archive. Leading men from the Litija administrative unit sent us only two minutes and referred us to a common file of associations, where all the data of the association and the company in Slovenia should be stored. In the case of the administrative unit from the Slovenian capital, we managed to get all the minutes we asked for.

The official UEFA NHS website states that Aleksander Čeferin was a member of the executive board of NK Olimpija Ljubljana from 2006 to 2011. Therefore, we were interested in whether the official minutes also confirm the suspicions we wrote about in the previous article, which you can read above in the red box.

On November 16th, 2006, NK Olimpija Ljubljana had another of the general assemblies of the association. It decided on the adoption of the agenda, the adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, the election of the working presidency of the General Assembly, etc.… In item 7, they decided on the election of the association’s bodies. As a President Franci Zavrl was elected, and Dušan Olaj, Damjan Korošec, Miloš Junkar, mag. Janez Sodržnik, Aleš Selan, Marko Kolbl, Boris Škraban and Groga Čenčič were elected as members of the executive committee. Boris Ferenčak, Tine Zupan and Milorad Orelj were elected as members of the association’s supervisory body. Karmen Lukša, Gorazd Trontelj and Stanko Damiš were elected as members of the disciplinary commission. They were unanimously elected by the members of the General Assembly. No Alexander Čeferin anywhere.

The same process took place at the following general assemblies from 2007 to 2011. In 2007, there were no changes. In 2008, Katarina Benedik was elected as president. Franci Zavrl, mag. Janez Sodržnik, Izet Rastoder, Dušan Olaj, Groga Čenčič, Miloš Junkar, Aleksandar Mičič, Bogdan Glavin, Uroš Sever, Lidija Golob, Miran Pavlin, and Janko Popovič became the members of the executive committee. Damijan Korošec, Boris Ferenčak, and Darko Srovin became members of the supervisory board of NK Olimpija Ljubljana. In 2008, Stanka Damiš, Silvo Osojnik, and Islam Beširević became disciplinary members of the association. Again, no sign of Alexander Čeferin.

In 2009, Franci Zavrl was re-elected as president. Katarina Benedik, Grogo Čenčič, Andrej Kocič, Janko Popovič, Izet Rastoder, Dušan Olaj, and Bogdan Glavina took seats in the executive board of NK Olimpija Ljubljana. The same happened in 2010 and 2011. Aleksander Čeferin was not elected to any of the bodies of the NK Olimpija Ljubljana association (president, member of the executive, supervisory, and disciplinary body of the association). This is evidenced by the documents below the text. So the question for everyone is, can Alexander Čeferin justify this sin because of his prestigious position, or should he offer to resign from the post of UEFA president?

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