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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Vox Populi: the April poll brings bad news for Svoboda, and support for the SDS party has grown significantly!

By: Domen Mezeg (Nova24TV.si)

The April poll by Vox Populi brings bad news for the ruling Svoboda and Golob but gives optimism to the SDS party. Compared to last year’s victorious April, Svoboda lost as much as 20 percent of support among identified voters. Svoboda is currently still leading. On the other hand, support for SDS increased by 40 percent. The difference between the political rivals is only two percentage points.

Among identified voters, Gibanje Svoboda has 35% support, and the largest opposition party, SDS, has 32% support. In a Ninamedia opinion poll last May, i.e., a month after the elections, Svoboda enjoyed 45% support, and SDS only 23%. If elections were held this Sunday, Svoboda would receive only 25.1 percent of the vote, SDS 23.1 percent, SD 7.2 percent, NSi 6.7 percent, and Levica 4.5 percent, reports STA.

Svoboda would receive 33 mandates in the National Assembly (now 41), SDS 31 mandates (now 27), NSi (now eight) and SD (now seven) would each receive 9 mandates, and Levica six (now five). The coalition would have 48 MPs, and the opposition 40. 31.1 respondents are satisfied with the operation of the coalition (and 3.3 are very satisfied).

17.9 percent of respondents are not satisfied with the work of the coalition, while 18 percent of respondents are not satisfied at all. Almost a third are undecided (29.3 percent). The government received an average score of 2.84. As many as 47.3 percent of those surveyed rate the government’s work as unsuccessful, and 46.9 percent as successful. Only 5.8 percent are undecided in this area. The most popular politician remains Anže Logar (SDS).


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