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Sunday, May 28, 2023

There will be no reform, Prime Minister Golob found a “scapegoat” this time too

By: Ana Horvat (Nova24tv.si)

“There is not even an R of reforms in key areas. They are just analyses and timelines. Everything else is just a bluff,” commented the head of the SDS parliamentary group Jelka Godec on Twitter. Her note followed Prime Minister Robert Golob’s statements in the programme Preverjeno, when he tried to explain why the promised reforms have not yet been implemented, but his attempt was (apparently) unsuccessful. Not only will there be no reforms, but he is also now shifting the responsibility for this to other Ministries.

Prime Minister Robert Golob appeared on the programme Preverjeno, where he tried to explain why his government was still unable to carry out reforms. As usual, he was sure that the public would believe his statements, which he has been making in his “dictatorial style” since the beginning, but only one thing was clear from what he said – there will be no reforms. And who is to blame according to him? Ministries that do not know how to communicate reforms to the public. So much for assuming the responsibility of the Prime Minister, who claims that “he is not afraid of responsibility”.

Sooner or later, the time would come when Golob would have to explain to the public why his government is not fulfilling its promises. We have witnessed several times his failure to answer certain questions and his reluctance to explain matters, even if they concern the Slovenian public and the people for whom he sits in the Prime Minister’s chair today. Thus, in the programme Preverjeno, he admitted that they had given themselves too much trouble with the reforms, and between the lines it was clear that there would be no reforms. And since deferring responsibility is one of their characteristics, Golob used it even now – when he blamed the Ministry of Finance, which “was not successful in communicating reforms”.

“Perhaps we have gone one step too far with other reforms, except health care. And if we fail to prepare such reforms that will make people’s lives easier, and if we do not know how to convince people that the reforms will make their lives easier, we will not go through with the reforms. Health care is an exception, but all others will have this goal,” said Golob. After all that we have already heard from the current government and it was not fulfilled in the end, it is really hard to believe that anyone still believes his words.

His statements were commented on by the leader of the SDS parliamentary group, Jelka Godec, who wrote: “The problem is how Ministers communicate reforms, says Prime Minister Golob @vladaRS. Sure. There is not even an R of reforms in key areas. They are just analyses and timelines. Everything else is just a bluff. There will be no reforms.”

Golob also found a scapegoat this time

And since someone has to be the “scapegoat”, this time Golob chose the Minister of Finance Klemen Boštjančič, who, in his opinion, is responsible for the unsuccessful communication of the reforms. We are talking about the announcement of the tax reform: it was understood from his previous explanations that under the new system there would no longer be tax exemptions for transport to work, lunch, holiday pay and social transfers, but that all income would be included in the tax base, but because of this could significantly increase the general tax relief or, as the Minister put it, the zero income tax bracket. “A boss who loudly shifts his responsibility to his subordinates will never be a leader. The communication of the reform does not fail the Ministry, but the government. And it is solved within the government and not on 24ur programme. If the boss scolds me publicly and then adds that now he will take over the affairs, one of us has to leave,” Tomaž Štih commented on Golob’s incompetence as a leader under the Libertarec profile he has on Twitter.

Although Golob said that he believes that the team at the Ministry of Finance will be able to explain why tax reform is necessary, he added that he will do it himself if necessary. In all of this, only one thing was clear – his performance was intended to “bluff again” in front of the public and appear as a credible person, although his actions show anything but that. The very fact that he publicly defamed Minister Boštjančič, who appointed him to this position and with whom he also works side by side, says everything there is to know about Golob. He is known to be a man who wants to have everything under control, and this is an additional indicator of how low his moral values are. It is ironic that he mentioned that the tax reform should stimulate economic development, when all the most successful businessmen were clear that it is the tax reform that will encourage entrepreneurs to leave Slovenia.


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