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Sunday, December 4, 2022

The most powerful aphrodisiac is power!

By: M. J. 

I have never understood the desire for power, or the struggle for power. Why would anyone fight for it, for something that is just a concept to those who are down to earth, spiritually full? Why would a brother betray a brother throughout history? Father betray a son? What can happen if power is taken over by ignorant individuals, but not just ignorant ones. Emotionally unseen, without a hint of empathy and a sense of the common good? Is the struggle for power the strongest aphrodisiac? For some it most likely is. Let’s see…

Slovenia is supposed to be a democratic Republic. We took over the republic from the ancient Romans. How effective the Republic is today, is a story for a completely different column. This time the more important issue is the question of democracy, or the issue of the Greek heritage of white stones. We know that in ancient Greece, the leader became the one who received the most white stones. Quite logical right? But why are these white stones simply becoming invisible in Slovenia? Are we really still a democratic country, or more precisely: have we ever really been?

As a country, we have passed through puberty a long time ago. We are coming into the 2nd period of life, into the years of Christ; at a time of growth, a time of development, a time of reflection, or at a time when our social collective consciousness should rise. But are we there?

Every few years, or (more appropriately) every year, we go to the elections. All of us who respect the state, or have at least a sense of belonging to it, know and understand that this is our duty. That is how our parents taught us. In the elections, we elect representatives who will directly represent us in the National Assembly. In this way, we become social co-creators. After elections, the winner is always announced and the fact is that the winner is always the first to try to form a government. The will of the majority, the will of the co-creators of social life, therefore prevails.

A paradox arises when we want a party, or a government that was legitimately elected in the elections, to simply withdraw and hide under the carpet? Maybe silence… Is this another democratic impulse that is supposed to be characteristic of Western society? Not just characteristic, perfectly acceptable? It seems like no one is bothered by anything. In fact, it is an undemocratic element, which is in itself characteristic of another era. So, in laymen terms, it is a theft of power. Not only mission impossible, but madness becomes when some (maybe even most) do not see anything controversial in it.

What else is a theft of power than:

  • Trading with votes and bribery of MPs
  • Desire to run the country, while winning 300 votes in the election? So the Prime Minister could be someone who was not really elected. Maybe also the neighbour Jože.

Don’t you think this is a coup or a theft of power?

And what is most controversial: those who address solidarity, equality, democracy in their agendas consider themselves just, the only appropriate holders of power, the only ones who really represent the real (!) people… in fact perverted scheme and obsession with power. But why? What is it about power that addicts even such a pure soul, despite often only on the outside?

Access to financial means. Access to non-transparency, access to a hidden ATM from which you can withdraw money at the expense of taxpayers. It is pure selfishness, where the limit is only one’s own ethics, morals and sense of social/common good. Wisdom says you have two dogs within you; yet the one you feed survives.

We have come to the realisation that it is only necessary to find the right moment. And what is the easiest? Pretending that it is about urbanism, even though the measures are purely social and aimed at the wider society. Pretending it is about hatred, even though a deadline of cooperation and reconciliation is offered. Pretending that it is about a media war, even though it wants to balance itself and make the media space completely impartial, and then you, as voters, have the last word whom to believe and whom not to. Pretending it is about the abolition of NGOs, where in reality it is just a matter that those who bring added value to society receive the means, and the means are transparent. Now you are certainly confused because you thought it was about abolishing culture? Pretending it is about an attack on the STA, when it is only a request to inspect financial transactions, as it is ultimately taxpayer money. So everyone would know where their money is going. Bad, right? We are truly in a dictatorship. It just could not get any worse.

It is not really a question of the right wing; it is really about finding a scapegoat. This scapegoat can save Slovenia from a new crisis, it can alleviate the situation in the economy, it can save healthcare and the wider society, smaller and larger entrepreneurs. However, power is important. At ANY cost. Many who sit in the National Assembly have not yet heard of the common good. Sadly. Anyone can be a politician. It is about time that the standards for this profession, which I personally understand as a higher mission, are raised. Did you know that the previous government set aside a million euros to detect stigmas of the elderly? So not for building homes that would really provide extra capacity for the elderly. No. They invested in paper. In the study. Why? Because a million is easier to share later. It is harder when you are doing tangible business. My concern is how can you talk about the well-being of seniors when you have signed such a deal? Where is your morale and feeling towards fellow human beings?

And our society is not only imbued with a desire for power, it is imbued with a dependence on being right, it is imbued with a pattern of victim play, and with rebellion. Those who understand this turn it to their advantage. So, covid will not just teach us what is really needed and what all counts in a (former) consumer society. It will teach us to respect authority again. Power. Because we all not only have rights, we also have duties. You know the civic ones? I know, we do not like to hear that.

Interestingly, no one is asking themselves what is going on in other countries? For a while we were listening to how beautiful it is in Sweden, but the story unfolded somewhat quickly. Statistics have turned the plateau. In Belgium, fines are imposed on a daily basis on individuals, bars and establishments who violate government regulations… but this is not reported… in some parts of the EU you can only visit two people from another household in a month. This is also not reported. So, Slovenia is a police state and that is a fact. It would be hard to imagine otherwise. Because if everyone writes like that, then it must be true. They made a mistake again! That is when it becomes a generally valid fact. General facts that everyone know, however, the verified information create prejudices in people and, as Albert Einstein said: “It is easier to break an atom than prejudice.” What if someone reported on all the good things that have happened to us in the last year?

It is important to note that in normal, democratic countries there is a kind of exchange of power, which means that it is desirable and completely normal for the left to be in power for a few years, and then the right for a few years. This trend is like a whirlwind that is constantly changing. In no democratic society, however, will you find that one side has been in power for 20 years. This is only possible with us, but it is sad that no one asks why this is so and whether it is completely normal.

No matter what happens this week, it remains clear that we are threatened by the fact that deep structures (yes those invisible ones that many still do not believe in) want to force a new Prime Minister. This time otherwise unelected. One that won just over 300 votes in the election. The one who promised pensioners a pension of 1,000 euros, but was not interested in pension reform, even less the introduction of a demographic fund. It was too Western for him, and the money should have been untouchable. A Prime Minister, who has already said goodbye to politics, but has been revived. A Prime Minister, who remained on leave at the time of the arbitration agreement and deciding on our external borders. A Prime Minister, who strengthened relations between Slovenia and the Russian Federation at a time when the EU was imposing economic sanctions on the Russian Federation. I am convinced that this time he will be the right choice. It is not a new face, but at this moment he is clearly the best the left has to offer. So why not give it a try? The worst they can do is just push the country 10 years back.

Forcing such a man, who with 300 votes wants to become a Prime Minister, is for me nothing but a violent takeover of power or coup d’état. In whose name? In the name of democracy? It seems that the white stones of Greek democracy in Slovenia have been replaced by invisible stones. For those who know how to count know that the ancient Greeks would call such acts of rejection, autocracy. Anyone who wanted to take power undemocratically would simply be expelled from the country for a period of seven years.

So? Let’s wake up!


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