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The content of the complaint of the “electro oligarchs” from the circle of friends of Robert Golob has been revealed

By: Tanja Brkić / Nova24tv

After the Siol portal published a story about the controversial sale of an apartment in Ljubljana, in which the main actors were Golob’s close allies – former president of Elektro Ljubljana Andrej Ribič and director of Elektro energija Bojan Kumer, he has now obtained a document or criminal complaint, filed with the District State Prosecutor’s Office in Ljubljana. Given the fact that suspicious transactions have taken place between the “electrical company” in the past, this is just another revealed fraud that has been used by Golob’s company. It is worth mentioning that in 2016 Andrej Ribič sold his subsidiary Elektro energija under the leadership of Kumer to the company GEN-I, led by Robert Golob. Even then, the procedure was carried out in a suspiciously complicated way through GEN-EL, whose director is still Martina Pohar. It is becoming clear how Golob became a “successful manager” in his company.

It used to be a presumption, now the matter is clear. Former President of the Management Board of Elektro Ljubljana Andrej Ribič signed a fictitious lease agreement with the Director of Elektro energija Bojan Kumer in September 2016 for the lease of an apartment at Adamičeva street 18 in Ljubljana, which provided him with a pre-emption right if Elektro Ljubljana decided to sell the apartment. This happened in October 2016, when Bojan Kumer bought an apartment with a market value of 127,000 euros for 85,000 euros thanks to a sublease pre-emption right, which significantly damaged the company by 42,000 euros. In addition, the Management Board of Elektro Ljubljana should obtain the consent of the Supervisory Board for all activities related to real estate and capital investments above the gross value of 50,000 euros, which Ribič allegedly did not do. He was assisted in all this by lawyer Martina Pohar, who was charged on suspicion of aiding and abetting.

The company Elektro Ljubljana has filed a criminal complaint with the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ljubljana against Andrej Ribič, in which he is charged with concluding a fictitious lease agreement for the real estate at Adamičeva street 18 in Ljubljana, which, as stated in the complaint, “the only and real purpose was only the apparent acquisition of the pre-emption right of the tenant Bojan Kumer”. Considering that the apartment was sold to Kumer for 85 thousand euros and not 127 thousand euros, as was its market price, the company is also suing him for the caused major property damage in the amount of 42,072.00 euros.

According to the company Ribič, he “committed all the signs of the criminal offense of abuse of position or trust in economic activity”, and because of the latter, the company also sued Martina Pohar, who participated in all this and, knowing that it was a fraud, prepared all the necessary documents for fictitious rent and sale. In addition to being a right, Martina Pohar is also the director of GEN-EL Investments and the wife of one of the most influential lawyers from Čeferin’s law firm, Andrej Pohar’s partner.

Elektro Ljubljana called on the court to hear Ribič, Kumer, Pohar and all members of the supervisory board.


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