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Špicelj Mitja Klavora and the repeatedly convicted blogger Mitja Kunstelj are scheming together against Janša

Deep state agents Mitja Kunstelj and Mitja Klavora. (Photo: STA)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“Brussels police arrested and detained Žan Janša, the son of PV Slovenia, on Sunday night. Due to drug trafficking and smuggling of migrants in the EU. We are still waiting for a response or explanations from the police and the government of the Republic of Slovenia,” a false news was announced on Twitter by Mitja Kunstelj, a deep-state agent and repeatedly convicted blogger. His “godfather” and former chief of criminal investigators Mitja Klavora, who, according to our sources, supplies him with information, was one of the two key coordinators of the Depala vas affair when the then Defence Minister Janez Janša was tried to be politically assassinated. It is also worth mentioning the fact that Kunstelj receives extremely high fines in the courts, among other things for insulting MP Vinko Gorenak on the blog. Some time ago, we reported that he is a blogger who owes more than 100 thousand euros to the state and other debtors due to numerous convictions based on unverified information.

Two tireless agents from the ranks of the deep state, Mitja Kunstelj and Mitja Klavora (who became famous in the Depala vas affair and then as the youngest retired criminalist), announced a new lie to the public. But as is well known, a lie is soon revealed and often lives in Murgle (at least in the case of Depala vas it was so). The actors of the staged affair years ago, the media assassination of the current Prime Minister and then Minister of Defence Janez Janša, failed, so they continue to pour out their heartache and anger at every opportunity, as they invent untrue stories over and over again. In addition to Drago Kos, Klavora is known as one of the greatest operatives of the deep state, and Kos was also involved in the aforementioned affair from the early 1990s. Let us recall: Janez Drnovšek, who with the help of the charisma of a former progressive member of the presidency of the disintegrated SFRY in 1992 became president of the Liberal Democratic Party and then Prime Minister, retained Defence Minister Janša in the government after the elections in late 1992 – with which the actors of the forces of continuity disagreed, as it became too dangerous for their interests.

A new covert civil war broke out, where the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior formally opposed each other, but in fact it was a clash between democratic forces and the deep state, which controlled the criminal police and Sova in particular through Udba structures. Why was Janša so unpleasant for the old Udba party structures? There are two main reasons. As we have already mentioned, Janša put the cat among the pigeons of a parallel economy, for which the SDV, the renewed Udba, was responsible in the 1980s. Janša, who became the Minister of Defence in the third consecutive government (and the second Drnovšek’s), not only maintained the charisma of a successful holder of the defence of independent Slovenia, but also prepared a new law on defence, which would bring Slovenia into NATO in the 1990s, which Kučan opposed.

As Janša, as the Minister of Defence, tried to act as independently as possible in relation to the old structures, it also happened that the intelligence officers of the Ministry of Defence discovered a rather unusual shipment of weapons, of which they had not been previously informed. Apparently, the arms trade under Kučan’s patronage was in the background – the weapons were destined for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was at war at the time. This is one of the reasons why the actors of the deep state had to find a “sufficiently justifiable reason” to throw Janša out of the government and humiliate him in front of the public. This then happened with forgery and theft of classified documents, which ultimately led to an incident in Depala vas where military intelligence caught only one link in the chain. There were a lot of people in the background, including the infamous criminalist Kos.

Klavora coordinated Depala vas, 27 years later he fights against Janša with media incitement

As is well known, the deep state managed to throw Janša out of the government, but it did not succeed in destroying Janša in public opinion, as a large part of the Slovenian public reacted to this move with great anger. Contrary to expectations, the SDS did not kneel, but consolidated. The number of members has increased; its public support has grown despite the discrediting that the party is led by someone who allegedly prepared a coup. To overthrow Janša, the old forces hired an informant from the former Yugoslav People’s Army. On August 18th, 1993, Radenko Radojčić, a former agent of the Counterintelligence Service (KOS) of the former Yugoslav People’s Army, came to Ljubljana. He met with Mustafa Čandić and Tonet Peinkiher. His role was revealed only 20 years later. Namely, the SDS leader Janša revealed in the amended edition of Okopov that the deep state had imported a former YPA agent to draw up a plan for his overthrow and destruction of the SDS. It is clear from the documents that this was a pure political showdown.

Radojčić also explained his testimony to Croatian judicial investigators. Operationally, Tone Peinkiher, an agent of the military intelligence service at the Ministry of Defence, and the head of criminal investigators at the Ministry of the Interior, Mitja Klavor, were involved in the story, among others. The Prime Minister Drnovšek and the President Milan Kučan were informed about the Ščuk action (Depala vas affair). He was also the mastermind of the conspiracy against Janša. Klavora became famous during his career with many interesting things. He was involved in the battle for the successor of Aleksander Čeferin at the head of the Slovenian Football Association. It was a bloody struggle for power and football millions. It is also known that he threatened mass killings during the ZZB rally on December 24th, 2012 in Tisza, where he was present as the general secretary of the NOB organisation, who was born a decade after the end of the Second World War.

“Noble” privileges are inherited from generation to generation

In the case of a position at ZZB, nepotism is also alleged to have occurred, as his son Vito Klavora is also alleged to have “nested” there. He also held an important position at state-owned Petrol. In Ljubljana, near Medvode, rumours of connections with the local mayor Nejc Smolet have been spreading for a long time. Klavora himself is supposedly organising public tenders. One of the latest information is about the connections between Klavora and the failed self-proclaimed whistleblower Ivan Galet. According to journalist Bojan Požar on Twitter, the former head of criminal investigators at the Ministry of the Interior, Klavor, was first spotted at the anti-government protests near Ivan Galet, and a little later Kunstelj also appeared in the immediate vicinity of Galet. Coincidence? Finally, the deep state once again tackled Janša’s closest family members, as Janša’s wife Urška Bačovnik was recently the victim of common threats with the death of a stranger. Nothing is sacred to achieve the goals of the transitional bourgeoisie.

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