Slovenian premier Janez Janša expects 70% of Slovenians could be vaccinated by beginning of summer

Slovenian premier Janez Janša (Photo:

By: P.T.,STA

PM Janez Janša said he expected 70% of the Slovenian population could be vaccinated against coronavirus by the beginning of summer as he presented fresh figures on planned deliveries of vaccines that indicate Slovenia should get significantly more jabs in the second quarter than previously thought.

In the second quarter Slovenia expects to get 2.4 million shots compared to fewer than 1.7 million shots projected last week, mostly due to a doubling of deliveries by Pfizer/BioNTech to 1.4 million. “The second quarter will be the most important quarter … If the deliveries come through, we’ll achieve a 70% vaccination rate by the beginning of summer and contain the epidemic within our borders,” Janša said.