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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Representatives of the “deep state”, among which Vesel stands out, are lobbying representatives of “independent institutions” to sign a statement that is indirectly directed against the Slovenian government, and that is before the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council!

By: Peter Truden

According to our information, representatives of the so-called deep state, including the President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel, are lobbying representatives of “independent institutions” in the Republic of Slovenia to sign a statement against the government before the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia and before Slovenia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. Of course, this is another attempt by the transitional left and related networks to slander the image of Slovenia and the Slovenian government under the leadership of Janez Janša abroad.

Below we publish the disputed statement, which they send for signature:

“Joint press release

The Heads of Independent Institutions in the Republic of Slovenia note with great concern that in recent times our institutions have been under repeated political pressures, which are reflected in direct and often coordinated attacks through the media and social networks.

We are aware that the scale of the epidemic is a great challenge for all citizens and that such a situation also requires the excessive efforts of all decision-makers. Nonetheless, a number of attempts to overthrow the democratic level can be observed, which make it difficult for independent institutions to exercise their powers properly and destroy their long-established reputation.

Supervisors of power represent a strong and powerful state, which is the basis for ensuring successful social development and must be in the interest of all, and above all, it is the responsibility of politicians to protect the latter as key building blocks of the judicial rules. The policy of constitutional rights and the autonomous and independent state bodies which we watch over cannot and must not be perceived as a necessary evil, but as a civilizational acquisition. Indecent, incorrect, interest-motivated and, above all, unfounded criticism can shake the foundations of democracy, which is an extremely dangerous thing to do with negative long-term effects.

The signatories of the joint statement are aware that the decisions we make often meet with the disagreement of the individuals or groups in question. Our decisions are reasoned and legally supported, regardless of the possible political consequences, so a flat rejection or disregard of decisions, as well as accusations of political action, is extremely irresponsible, especially if accompanied by an indecent culture of public expression.

We have reached a point that represents the last moment to raise the standard of communication and cooperation in the country. With a joint statement, we want to influence the improvement of the situation according to the principle of example from the top down, which can have a strong impact on people’s behaviour and their trust in public institutions.

On the occasion of the forthcoming anniversary of the Statehood Day, we publicly call on the entire political space to follow the values and aspirations to the development of democracy in the Republic of Slovenia. It is necessary to calm the situation and ensure respect for the institutions that make up the immune system of the country.

We can be justifiably proud of the work done so far and we will continue to perform the tasks defined by law in the future with all responsibility. However, it will be necessary to ensure working conditions that are cohesive and constructive and will effectively protect the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia.”

The statement shows that representatives of post-communist networks are trying to release another statement under the guise of some concern for constitutionality and legality before the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia and before the Slovenian EU presidency, which would more indirectly discredit the ruling coalition. It is clear that they are incredibly nervous and hysterical, because they are not in power, but “someone else” is, as the infamous Stane Dolanc would say. Their networks are falling apart, so they are nervously preparing a new political party, which is supposed to be led by a very infamous representative of an “independent state institution”, who became famous for “planting flowers” and afternoon activity, which cost him tens of thousands of euros. Well, you probably already know who…

Meanwhile, the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, Tomaž Vesel, confirmed the collection of signatures for the Siol portal. “I think it makes sense that they turned to the Court of Audit, we are a constant target of attacks,” he said, Siol reports.


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