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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Public opinion polls of the media: The charismatic Logar is becoming the favourite for the President of the Republic

By: Domen Mezeg/ Nova 24TV

Many people wonder if Marta Kos is the real scope of the Gibanje Svoboda party, if we exclude corona idiots, anti-vaccinationists, and people who would vote for anyone but Janez Janša. Obviously, the support of Robert Golob does not mean as much as the support of the last party boss, Milan Kučan. With Anže Logar, the right proves that it still has a sufficiently consolidated electorate in Slovenia, which did not express itself in the elections only because people voted irrationally, as they were disturbed by the corona crisis and media propaganda.

In yesterday’s article on the Siol portal, the author asked whether candidate Marta Kos has already dropped out of the presidential race. Several opinion polls confirm precisely these fears of Robert Golob. The latest measurement of public opinion by the Ninamedia agency reveals that Nataša Pirc Musar enjoys the highest support. She is followed by former foreign minister Anže Logar, while Kos is only in third place. It is also crucial that the difference between Pirc Musar and Logar is only 1.9 percent, which confirms the observation that the “new face” Golob celebrated in the last parliamentary elections mainly because people voted irrationally due to the corona crisis and media psychosis.

However, the agency’s opinion polls confirm something else that should be of particular concern to every freedom-loving and democratic individual and is less noticeable due to the media fog on the sunny side of the Alps. Although the media monopoly itself is worrying, the fact that it also fails when the “Slovenian Ceaușescu” – Milan Kučan comes to fore, who controversially presents himself to the public as a protector of democracy and freedom – is even more disturbing. Let us recall how together with another former Party functionary, Danilo Türk, they publicly supported Pirc Musar. And the bait is clearly catching. Even the very determined media support for Kos, for example from POP TV, where her sister-in-law Tjaša Slokar Kos reigns, is obviously not enough, although PRO PLUS (POP TV, 24 hours, Kanal A) is our most influential media conglomerate.

The defamation of another media empire – garbage tycoon Martin Odlazek – does not help either, where Pirc Musar is declared, among other things, the “president of Bolivia” and the “protector of tycoons”. They are supposed to be a little more lenient towards “their own”, but Pirc Musar is clearly not “theirs” (yet), as long as one iron is already in the fire. Even Odlazek’s engagement, it seems, does not count if you do not enjoy the support of Uncle Milan. Let someone else say that he is a benign “pensioner” who calmly drinks coffee and does not want anyone to get hurt. He is an old trickster who knows exactly what he is doing and what he is saying. It is really sad that the last party boss still has a decisive say in 2022, when democracy is supposed to flourish, on who will lead our country for the next four years. If the former Polish communist official Wojciech Jaruzelski and the former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu are the domain of the political Mesozoic, there are still “dinosaurs” in our country.

They managed to survive the fall of the meteorite (read independence and democratisation) and sneak into modernity and seemingly “mutate” into the harmless ages of Slovenian political and social life, which are advertised, advised, criticised, etc. as needed. But remember: A wolf changes its coat, but never its character. And while the presidents of the United States mostly retreat into the shadows of political events after their careers are over and only occasionally give an interview, our domestic fists have a serious, worrying political abstinence crisis. That is why, even in their old age, when one would expect them to finally relax a little and devote themselves to their grandchildren or at least enjoy a pension on some paradise island, they continue to intervene hysterically in social and political events.

This is actually a wider problem (tragedy) of transitional officials, including the famous “swinger” (according to media reports) and former prominent SD official Aurelio Juri, who, despite his venerable years, has recently been “hurt” by the situation at public RTVS. All of this also shows a lack of confidence in the younger generation of “proud successors of the KPS”, that it will be able to successfully carry forward this political tragicomedy. In the face of all the negative selection, the product of which are various Koprivc supporters, for whom it seems that, without influential party fathers, they would sooner end up in some kind of “woodworker” workshop (as sloppy apprentices) than in state politics, such fears and engagement are not surprising in their own right. Let’s go back to the contribution from Siol. As the portal also reports, the official presidential campaign has not even started yet. The official dates of the autumn elections are expected to be announced by the President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, this week.

It can also be seen from the Ninamedia survey that Kos lags behind Logar by almost 10 percent. The mayor of Kočevje, Vladimir Prebilič, was also included in the research. Results: Pirc Musar (30.1 percent), Logar (28.2 percent), Kos (19.4 percent), and Prebilič (3.8 percent). The graph of the portal also shows that Logar is slowly approaching Pirc Musar. Mediana’s research reveals that Pirc Musar and Logar would qualify for the second round of the elections. In the first three places, the research of the latter also reveals the same order. Mediana’s results for public RTVS: Pirc Musar (23.9 percent), Logar (16.5 percent), Kos (14.4 percent), Prebilič (2.6 percent), Nina Krajnik (1.5 percent), Gregor Bezenšek Jr. (0.8 percent). Mediana’s research results for Delo: Pirc Musar (29.6 percent), Logar (24.3 percent), Kos (16.1 percent), Krajnik (1.3 percent), and Bezenšek Jr. (2.1 percent).


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