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Monday, December 11, 2023

Palestinians, supporters of Hamas, together with Slovenian leftists went crazy in the capital of Slovenia, followed by a shooting in front of the Jewish Center

By Janja Strah

Several shots rang out in front of the Jewish Cultural Center on Križevniška Street last night. Panic reigned as Palestinians and Slovenian leftists supporting Hamas were in front of parliament just before that.

Yesterday, Slovenian radical leftists again protested in front of the Slovenian parliament against the center-right government of Janez Janša and demanded his resignation. They were joined by Palestinians living in Slovenia and asylum seekers from Palestine, who were angry that the Slovenian government had hung the Israeli flag on its building as a sign of solidarity with the attacked Israel. Slovenians were shocked that the Palestinians in the middle of the foreign country that accepted them dared to go crazy and turn the center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, into an Islamic center.

(Photo: Facebook/GregorDrnovšek)

Shortly after the protest, shots rang out in front of a nearby Jewish center. Police are still collecting data, and MSM media point out that the incident was not related to the protest. However, almost no one doubts that the two events were related, as according to the data collected so far, the connection between the two events cannot be ruled out.

»Regarding yesterday’s notification that police officers had detected the shooting on Križevniška Street, a search of the place and the collection of information were carried out. The shell casings have been found, and police are still checking what type of weapon was used, and continue to collect notices on suspicion of the crime of Causing General Danger. The suspect is not yet known, and all findings will be reported to the competent state prosecutor’s office,« the Police said.

Six consecutive shots were fired, and according to the information known so far, no one was injured. Police are still investigating all the circumstances of the incident. It is clear to everyone, however, that it would really be too much of a coincidence for the two events not to be linked.

It should also be recalled that the left-wing Social Democrats (SD) party, which promotes protests, has its headquarters in a villa that was stolen after World War II from its owner, who was a Jew, and nationalized.


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