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Sunday, December 10, 2023

(OPINION POLL) Support for the current government is growing sharply for the fourth month in a row and is now at the level it was before the artificially launched “mask” affair

By: T. F. /Nova24tv

The government is supported by 41.5 percent of respondents, according to the latest Parsifal poll conducted for our television. The government is still not supported by 52.6 percent of respondents, but for the fourth month in a row there is a noticeable trend of increasing support for the government. This was at its lowest point in November 2021, when it was supported by just under 30 percent of respondents, and recently this result has greatly improved in the eyes of the public. 5.9 percent of respondents could not answer the question whether they support the government.

Let’s remember; Janez Janša’s government had the highest support immediately after taking office in March 2020, when almost 60 percent of those polled favoured it, and then support began to fall with the artificial affair about protective masks launched by Tarča show on public RTV. Although the goal, the fall of the government, was never achieved, support for the government fell to 41 percent in May 2020, and it is the same today, two years later. In the meantime, there has been an epidemic, some of which culminated in drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus.

After the mask affair, support for the government was higher than it is today, only in July 2020, when 45 percent of people supported it, and when Slovenia calmed down before the severe autumn, the second wave of the new coronavirus epidemic.

It is interesting that in January, when asked whether they support the government, as many as 60 percent of respondents said no, but today there are “only” a good 52 percent. The trend is reversed among those who support the government; in January, only 33.9 percent of respondents were like that, today 41.5 percent.

46.9 percent of male respondents and only 35.8 percent of women say that they support the government, while 57.4 percent do not support the work of the government. The government also has the lowest support in the age group of 18 to 34, where it is only 25.9 percent, while the government of Janez Janša has the highest support in the age group of 55 and over, where it is 49.6 percent. The government may be concerned about the fact that as many as 71.3 percent of young people aged 18 to 34 have spoken out against it.

Basic demographic data on the survey

The survey included 712 respondents, of which 49.4% were women. The average age is 54.4 years, the standard deviation is 15.5. Most respondents are from the oldest age group (49.1%), the middle age group is slightly less represented (35.6%), the lowest number of respondents is from the youngest age group (15.3%). Most respondents have completed secondary school (35.4%), followed by those with completed higher education (28.4%), 23.4% of respondents have completed vocational school, and 12.7% of respondents have completed primary or incomplete primary school. Most respondents come from a village or hamlet (55.8%), followed by a town (27.3%) and a smaller town (16.8%). Most respondents come from the Osrednjeslovenska region (26.4%), followed by Podravska (14.6%) and the Savinjska region (12.9%).


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