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Minister of the Environment Vizjak: This is a construct, the liquidation of the Odlazek’s garbage mafia

Environment Minister Andrej Vizjak (Photo: STA/ Tamino Petelinšek)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“Odlazek’s empire is fighting against a government that wants to stop mafia activities,” said Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Andrej Vizjak, commenting on the 14-year-old footage, which was also published by the media owned by media and garbage tycoon Martin Odlazek. He added that this is not an authentic recording, but a sticker of statements that resonated just at the time when they want to stop the mafia operation of the waste area by law.

POP TV published a video which, according to commercial television, reveals how in 2007 the then Minister of the Economy and today’s Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning Andrej Vizjak allegedly advised businessman and former LDS member Bojan Petan on how to avoid payment of tax in the battle to control Terme Čatež.

Vizjak became a thorn in the side of the fifth garbage mafia

Minister Andrej Vizjak also responded to the speculations today. According to him, this is a 14-year-old recording or sticker of some statements that came to light at a time when the government is regulating the field of waste management, with the Environmental Protection Act. Here reigns the garbage and media tycoon Martin Odlazek, who, according to Vizjak, took revenge, as the state will finally stop mafia activities. “They want to remove the Minister who removes illegal tycoon connections,” Minister Vizjak is convinced, adding that he has never avoided paying taxes, as this is the duty of every citizen.

According to Vizjak, he never talked to Bojan Petan about paying 30 million euros in taxes, as the entire spa is worth 15 million euros, and as a Minister he did not have a direct role at Terme Čatež 14 years ago, namely that was KAD and SOD. Vizjak also expects that those who initiated this construct will also prove his innocence.

Počivalšek is accustomed to media murders – what they publish is not necessarily true

“With experience, I have come to the conclusion that what is published on television is not necessarily true,” said Deputy Prime Minister and President of the SMC Zdravko Počivalšek. “I am used to various media murders, so let’s wait,” said SMC champion and Minister of Economic Development and Technology Počivalšek on the sidelines of the government’s visit to the Obalno-kraška region. According to him, the answer to the question of what this is must first be answered. “I believe that Minister Vizjak will be able to explain every detail,” said Počivalšek.

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