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MEP Ljudmila Novak – just as she came, she also left the list of the most popular politicians

By: Luka Perš / Nova24tv

Did the transition network cross out Ljudmila Novak, an MEP from Nova Slovenija? If she was still the most popular politician in the mid-July poll Ninamedia, Mediana’s latest August poll did not detect her among the most popular politicians at all. On the other hand, according to Ninamedia polls, she is still at the top of popularity. You must not forget that the transition network will not give up on Novak for its goals, and they are also ready to help her with her candidacy for the presidency next year. “That means this scale is worth nothing. They do it arbitrarily. As it turns out, they put students to work and someone who looks at it to see if it is right for the transitional left was on vacation leave. In the next scale, I predict it very high, because they will correct this mistake,” said professor and analyst Boštjan M. Turk for our media.

Ljudmila Novak is the former president of Nova Slovenija and now a member of the European Parliament for the second term. Recently, she was the leading politician on the right in measuring public opinion. At least that is how they liked to interpret the polls in the Slovenian dominant media. However, Ljudmila Novak is just another “artificial conservative” who works for the interests of the transition network in Slovenia. Turk argues the same, that Novak is an example of classical political transmission, a consequence of the policies of the Christian Democrats and the SLS in the 1990s.

Ljudmila Novak is very well known for her good relations with businessmen Janez Škrabec and Stojan Petrič, so it is not surprising that they are both gaining several hundred million construction deals for the country. She never hid the fact that she also gets along with former President Milan Kučan. At least we would expect her to defend Slovenia in Brussels as an MEP. It happened differently. In addition to left wing opposition MEPs, Novak was among the loudest with her political appearances and very harsh against the current government. She reckons that with such a political stance she will be able to jump into the position of the country’s president. Unfortunately, Novak cannot accept that the same share of voters in Slovenia would elect her as president as five years ago. That is, a good ten percent. Novak can be on the list of the most popular politicians all the time. Political activity member of the European Academy of Sciences and Artists told about Novak that she is a politician on call. Her speech is reminiscent of the words of SD leader Tanja Fajon, “sometimes the language of the hard transition left and they need her,” Turk confided.

Ninamedia, a transitional polling agency, still portrays Novak as a leading politician. At Mediana, she unexpectedly dropped out and disappeared. An interesting trend can be observed in recent surveys of public measurement. Two different measurements, two different results. For the Delo newspaper, Novak dropped out of the list of the most popular after a Mediana survey. According to Ninamedia’s research for the Dnevnik and Večer newspapers, Novak is still at the top of the list. Part of the Slovenian public reacted in this way, as Novak dropped out of all combinations for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in 2022. Let us be surprised. It is particularly interesting, however, that the two public opinion agencies showed completely different results. The author of this article still remembers the words of the director of Mediana, Janja Božič Marolt, that in Slovenia they are the most credible agency for measuring public opinion. She told about Ninamedia that its research is too focused on the interests of the left political pole. The results of these two surveys are proof that the central Slovenian agencies do not measure public opinion, but organise it. Boštjan M. Turk, a political analyst and professor at the Faculty of Arts, agrees with this conclusion.

After this interpretation of Marolt, it can be clear to everyone why Golobič’s expert for measuring public opinion Nikola Damjanič keeps Novak at the top. It is possible that Ljudmila Novak was tactically removed from the headlines. However, the transition network can plan a new “central party of new faces” with Novak and other stakeholders, as we have already written in our media in the past.


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