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“Mainstream” media and left wing opposition have not yet condemned the (non-)work of CPC President Robert Šumi in the case of Tomaž Vesel

By: Luka Perš / Nova24tv

According to corruption expert Dr Bojan Dobovšek Slovenia loses up to 3.6 billion a year due to corruption. Doctor Dr Blaž Mrevlje has repeatedly said that we have already lost 10 billion euros (400 million euros a year) due to corruption in health care in the thirty years of Slovenian independence. The central problem with corruption is the transition network, which has its tentacles introduced into all subsystems in Slovenia. This network is defended by the left wing opposition parties SD, Levica, LMŠ, and SAB.

Transparency International Slovenia published a report that the level of corruption in Slovenia increased last year. This was happily summed up by the central media owned by the transitional tycoons, who are most responsible for such a situation in Slovenia. SD president Tanja Fajon responded with her statement. In her moralistic tone, she responded to what was wrong in Slovenia, that corruption had intensified in Slovenia during the epidemic. Prime Minister Janez Janša also responded to the news of corruption. “There is a great equal sign among the extreme leftist offshoots, but no independence. They are part of systemic corruption, fake news and deep state at the same time. With the same godparents. Transparency International Slovenia was founded by Drago Kos in a secret meeting,” Janša revealed the background.

Corruption could only intensify last year when the mainstream media defended the “afternoon” work of the President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel at the International Football Association (FIFA). All this was covered by the decision of the President of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption Robert Šumi, when they announced that there was nothing wrong with Vesel’s additional work at FIFA.

Former foreign minister in Rop’s government revealed why Drago Kos and Boštjan Penko founded the Commission for Prevention of Corruption

In a show hosted by Igor Pirkovič on the third programme of national television, a member of Rop’s government, Dr Dimitrij Rupel appeared as a guest. The former foreign minister in Rop’s government told how the CPC was formed in Slovenia. Drago Kos and Boštjan Penko attended one of the government sessions. There, they presented the idea of how to hunt down dissenters who disagreed with the then-ruling left wing policy. One newspaper article already written would be enough to discredit them. We must not forget that Drago Kos was also at the top of TI.

One of the first serious steps against corruption was taken by the current government. We mentioned that up to €400 million disappears every year due to corruption in healthcare. Recently, the parties of the ruling coalition and the opposition SNS filed proposals to amend the law on public procurement in healthcare. With this amendment, the tentacles of the medical supplier mafia, which is destroying Slovenian healthcare, will finally be broken.

The mainstream media presented the information that suits them best. They kept silent that Slovenia is at the tail end of the scale in order to help itself with public services through corruption. But there is only one truth. Unfortunately, we will not solve the problem of corruption in our country for how long the left wing opposition parties will be slaves to the transition network in Slovenia.


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