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Dr Vinko Gorenak: The documents of the Levica Party are a direct attack on the Slovenian Constitution!

By: Sara Rančigaj /Nova24tv

State Secretary to the Prime Minister Vinko Gorenak explained in Tema dneva the importance of the SDS resolution for the June congress. He points out that this case is not a call for civil war, but only a warning on the unacceptable social phenomenon, such as the burning of chairs, puppets, and calls for death. He notes that the protests take place only during the Janša government. “It is about someone wanting to take power, even in a violent way. But power changes in elections and with a popular will then in parliament. This is the basis of democracy and the protests cannot be the ones to dictate the pace,” Gorenak explained.

The SDS party’s resolution for the June congress was strongly condemned by the KUL opposition parties, who claim it is absurd, dangerous, and worrying. “Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a country where the Prime Minister and his party are portraying the world upside down,” said Levica coordinator Luka Mesec. Meanwhile, the president of the LMŠ party, Marjan Šarec, added that talking about the possibilities of a civil war is perverse. SD President Tanja Fajon stated that Janša was using this document to indicate a very dangerous direction for the country’s future.

State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office Vinko Gorenak emphasises that the resolution draws attention to certain social phenomena that are present in Slovenia. “For example, paper chairs were burned in front of the parliament, and it was made clear that the real ones would burn next time,” he explained.

Since 2012, there have been no protests against the government. We had them in 2012 and we have them now. “It is a kind of historical transformation,” he concluded. He points out that it has already been burning in Slovenia and abroad, but later the worst moments of our century began. “It is about someone wanting to take power, even in a violent way. But power changes in elections and with popular will then in parliament. This is the basis of democracy and the protests cannot be the ones to dictate the pace,” he explained.

The intention of the Levica party is unconstitutional

The official documents of the Levica party state, among other things, that they will carry out nationalisation, and also that they are in favour of the so-called abolition of representative democracy. “This is a direct attack by a political party on the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia,” Gorenak is convinced, as their intentions are not in line with constitutional law. “The constitution guarantees private property and guarantees a plural democratic system of several parties.” He notes that in the case of the Levica, they want to end this story, or to repeat what had been happening in 1946. “When we experienced nationalisation, on the other hand, a ban on the multi-party system and the Communist Party came to power.”

“If this happened in Germany and a party with Nazi ideas appeared, their authority or the Constitutional Court would immediately ban it,” he explained how they would react in this case. He emphasises that the situation in Slovenia is slightly different and fears that there will be no proceedings against the Levica party.

Meanwhile, the Levica party is convinced that the SDS party is the one destroying the media, and they also accuse incitement, manipulation, and intimidation. Gorenak is convinced that if the current government had such an influence on RTV, for example, then all editors from the times of left wing governments should leave. “Only the director of RTV, who came from the SMC quotas, was changed, what did we actually achieve? Nothing.” he explained, adding that they just do not have the kind of influence they are accused of.

Elections are possible only if no one can confirm the Prime Minister

Gorenak notes that there is a specific situation in the parliament, but as far as preliminary elections are concerned, he pointed out that the situation is clear. “According to the constitution, the matter is completely clear. If the left side wants to hold preliminary elections, it must appoint a new Prime Minister,” he explained. If they fail in three attempts, we can go to preliminary elections. If Janez Janša resigned, this does not mean that they would go to the polls, but it means that there will be a new attempt to form a government. “We cannot go to the polls with the will of Janez Janša or the government.” Because of all of the above and the happenings of protests during the time of right wing governments, he is convinced that someone is anticipating some kind of violence against the National Assembly. “And these are the beginnings of a possible violent takeover of power, which we point out in the resolution,” Gorenak emphasised at the end. “Power changes in elections with the will of the electorate, that is the basis of democracy.”


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