Congratulations to Prime Minister Janša for supporting the Iranian opposition

Janez Janša (Photo: Twitter)

By: Demokracija

The support expressed by Prime Minister Janez Janša to the Iranian opposition has won the approval of many individuals and organisations advocating for the liberation of the Iranian people from the tyranny of the regime there.

Thus, on behalf of the British Committee for the Freedom of Iran, Janša’s support was welcomed by the chairman of the said committee, Lord Alton of Liverpool. In his name and the name of his colleagues, a member of the British House of Lords expressed admiration for Slovenia’s firm stance, which did not yield even after the Iranian regime put pressure on the Slovenian ambassador in Tehran.

Lord Alton also said that those who dare to condemn the criminal Iranian regime always find themselves under strong pressure, either from the Iranian regime and its apologists or from those who, for their own interests or comfort, advocate a policy of “reconciliation”, and all those who speak out against the Iranian regime in the media are attacked with lies and slander on a personal level.