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Certain parts are missing from the European report LIBE – did Fajon’s assistant also “proofread” the statement of the municipal councillor Rojc?

By: Sara Bertoncelj / Nova24tv

MEP Tanja Fajon said that her assistant had corrected only grammatical errors in the report of the European Parliament’s LIBE committee of inquiry, but now it appears that certain parts of the report are also missing. Apparently especially the ones that do not bring grist to Fajon’s mill. Namely, in the report, municipal councillor Borut Rojc did not find his statement on the financial assistance of the Ministry of the Interior to border municipalities that have suffered damage due to illegal migration. He therefore called on the President of the European Parliament to launch an independent inquiry. Meanwhile, Fajon is considering the future of the Schengen area and believes freedom of movement is being seriously tested.

“On the future of the Schengen area. You are invited to join us this week. Freedom of movement is being seriously tested,” wrote SD party president Tanja Fajon, who earned several new nicknames last week, from proof-reader to queen of lies. It turned out that the report of the mission, which was in Slovenia under the baton of Sophie in ‘t Veld, was signed by Fajon’s assistant, Jure Tanko. Fajon explained this with a transparent excuse, saying that he was only correcting grammatical errors. In doing so, the principle of the mainstream media, which is not interested in the matter at all, is eloquent, not even enough to ask how this could have happened at all.

Borut Rojc, a municipal councillor who ran on the SD list, also came forward – he noted that he did not find in the report his statement on the financial assistance of the Ministry of the Interior, led by Aleš Hojs, for border municipalities that had suffered damage due to illegal migration. “This is to Tanja Fajon’s liking, because then she could not use this report to oppose the government of the Republic of Slovenia,” he said, urging European Parliament President David Sassoli to launch an independent investigation into which things Fajon’s assistant had influence and in which he did not. “The European Parliament cannot afford to give witnesses the feeling that anyone from a position of power who has five minutes can influence what will be written in the report,” he added.

Earlier this year, the Social Democrats expelled the mayor of Ilirska Bistrica, Emil Rojc. It was already known that Rojc had long been a big thorn in the side of the party’s leadership in Ljubljana, especially the Young Forum and the party president. The reason for this was also that the mayor was not in favour of illegal migration. The SD party also did not like that Rojc successfully cooperated with the SDS party – his son Borut Rojc also pointed this out.


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