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Monday, June 5, 2023

A self-proclaimed spiritual heir of the revolution in an attack on the Ministry of Culture and the taxpayers, as in 1945

By: Vida Kocjan

Radio Študent, the spiritual heir of Radio of Liberation Front, as they call themselves, will carry out a special “rebel programme” from Metelkova in Ljubljana in the spirit of its revolutionary communist role models from Wednesday to Friday. “Striking music. Reckless speakers. Resistance speeches. A three-day study piece for the Ministry of Culture and its commission for balancing the media space and all power,” they wrote in the latest circular.

The spiritual heirs of the Liberation Front will hold a protest procession, embarking on a path of resistance.

They state that the Ministry of Culture “with its politicising understanding of the media through a public tender shamelessly started with a so-called balancing of media space, but in fact by completely withdrawing funds from some key programmes of special importance”.

According to the heirs of the revolution, among them is also Radio Študent, whose director is Ana Kandare and whose editor-in-chief is Matjaž Zorec.

What is their so-called key programme of special importance, we do not know, but the fact is that the self-proclaimed spiritual heirs of the revolution have so far received an incredible 3,373,594 euros in taxpayer money (source: Erar).

They were established as the Institute of RŠ, and are owned by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana.

As an institution, they operate under different conditions than companies, their balance sheets are not publicly available, and the question is whether they even produce them. Probably, however, this part is, according to them, a “programme of special importance”. There can be no other. The media operate transparently and with clarity. Our information is public.

For the Institute RŠ, as they are officially called, only the Report on Volunteering can be seen from the data of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (Ajpes). You will not believe they did a total of 757 volunteer hours in 2020 (5053293000.pdf). In 2019, there were 535 volunteer hours (5053293000 (1).pdf).

And in 2018? No volunteer hours were done, Ajpes shows. But they received money. More every year.

Such shouting and pumping of taxpayers’ money must be stopped in Slovenia.


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