‘Armageddon’ in craziest chess showdown ever

(Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels)

A 132-year first, a black eye, a leaked video, stunned grand masters and an “Armageddon” tiebreaker has floored the Chess World Championship.

Armageddon looms in the Chess World Championship after the most dramatic title showdown in recent memory crashed to another grinding halt in the final scheduled match.

The World Chess Federation Championship between American challenger Fabiano Caruana and Norway’s champion Magnus Carlsen has already become the first title showdown between grand masters that’s failed to record a deadlock-busting victory

across the 12 classic games scheduled.Every previous world championship showdown since 1886 — 132 years ago — has witnessed some kind of breakthrough, but Caruana and Carlsen remain deadlocked after more than 50 hours of play over nearly

three weeks inside London’s The College of Holborn theatre.12 matches. 12 draws.That doesn’t begin to tell the story of pure drama.The showdown was first plunged into scandal when a three-minute video leaked online showed secrets of Fabiano’s

championship training camp in St Louis.Reigning champion Carlsen then showed up for Game 9 sporting a black eye which he’d suffered during a weekend amateur football game. He needed to be cleared for concussion by his own medical team before

the championship was allowed to continue.