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Cisar Dominates Pursuit, Winning Second Gold Medal; Baserga Wins For Switzerland

Cisar: a Star In A Making

he youth pursuit competitions were held in difficult, wet conditions yet the youngest athletes put in great efforts with Alex Cisar winning third youth medal for Slovenia in the youth men’s pursuit, with one penalty in 27:59.7. Remi Broutier of France won the Silver medal, with one penalty, 59.6 seconds back. The Bronze medal went to Norway’s Vetle Paulsen, with three penalties, 1:43.1 back.

Amy Baserga did for Switzerland won the youth women’s pursuit in the same demanding conditions, with two penalties in 24:15.6. Clean-shooting Tereza Vobornikova of Czech Republic, moving up from 11th at the start, won the Silver medal, 8.2 seconds back. Norway’s Maren Bakken with three penalties wont the Bronze medal, 13.8 seconds back.



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