Mark Cavendish training OK and thinks he is over Epstein-Barr virus

(Photo by Thomas Borges from Pexels)

Mark Cavendish hopes his “mismanaged” illness troubles are over following a three-month break from cycling in order to recuperate.

Having felt under par for over a year, the Manx cyclist is back in training after being diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus for a second time in late August.

“As it wasn’t managed properly I’ve done myself more and more damage,” Cavendish told BBC Sport.

“But I seem to be training all right and it’s behind me now, hopefully.”

The Olympic medallist was speaking following a reconnaissance ride of the road-race course that will be used in the Road World Championships in Yorkshire next year.

The route follows closely the opening stage of the 2014 Tour de France from Leeds to Harrogate for about 190km.

The main difference comes in the form of an additional 90km to the finish line, made up of a seven-lap circuit around the spa town.