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Zgaga is desperately pushing for a violent change in the constitutional order: He would send students to anti-government guerrilla warfare!

Blaž Zgaga (Photo: STA)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24TV

“It is high time that Slovenian students start writing graffiti everywhere, in public and non-public places, saying: LIBERATION FRONT 2.0, and live them as well! Because the clerical fascism of the corrupt Janez Janša, with the support of the Catholic Church, is trying to deprive them of their personal and professional life as well as a life of any kind,” socio-political worker Blaž Zgaga incites students on Twitter. And in the remaining tweets he is falsely planting that he even fears for his life.

Blaž Zgaga is considered the largest exporter of fake news abroad. Another question, of course, is why journalists of the once reputable media do not check their disinformation, but hopefully the real situation will one day be discovered by an independent working group from Brussels.

A quick review of his Twitter messages tells us that Zgaga has a severe paranoia disorder. When reading the tweets, it makes a sane person’s flesh creep due to the lack of contact with reality a person who pretends to be a journalist is capable of.

Zgaga is pushing for a violent change in the constitutional order

One such example is a message from the Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy – it looks like of another protest organisation – which took students, who protested for the opening of schools in early February and were fined for violating the gathering restrictions, under its wing. Zgaga also came to their aid with his striking left wing activism. Namely, he expects the students to start guerrilla actions in the style of partisans and start writing graffiti Liberation Front 2.0, and also live them. That is to say, like Zgaga’s ideological ancestors, the VOS and later the OZNA, would liquidate political opponents and ignite a civil war as well as the introduction of a totalitarian communist system. Thus, Zgaga’s activism already has signs of a crime of inciting violent change in the constitutional order and is punishable by up to five years in prison.

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