The privileged public sector

Under Sarac's government, it was worthwhile to be a public servant. /foto: Twitter

Data for year 2019 shows that, according to the National Statistical Office, the average monthly gross earning amounted to EUR 1.753,84 and rising nominally by 4.3 percent, from the beginning to the end of the year and by 2.7 percent in real terms.

Average gross wages increased the most in the public sector year-on-year for 6.5% in nominal terms, while in the public sector the increase was for 5.4% to EUR 2.051, which was a consequence of the increase in salaries for civil servants under the wage and other labour costs agreement in the public sector. In the private sector, the average gross wage in this time grew up for 3.9 percent in nominal terms to EUR 1.618.

Regardless of the forecast, wages in the private sector are expected to grow faster than in the public sector this year, the figures for year 2019 reflects the policy of the Sarac government. This means that at least until now the public sector has been privileged compared to the private sector.

Written by: G. B.