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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Levica party’s proposal to tax empty real estate would particularly affect rural areas

By: Janja Strah

Levica MPs have submitted a bill on the tax on empty and large real estate, according to which residential real estate over 160 square meters would be additionally taxed, some media reported.

To many, this proposal sounds appealing, saying at least one party is fighting for the poor and would take from the rich like Robin Hood. Initially, the Levica party set this limit at 120 square meters, now it has raised it to 160. Which is just a cosmetic correction that proves what it really is.

As is well known, NSi warns that such taxation could greatly affect the Slovenian countryside. Apparently, the ideological successors of the KPS are being nostalgic again after the times when they skinned those they considered to be “kulaks”.

Publicist Tomaž Štih explained on Twitter what this taxation would look like in practice. On the one hand, owners of large real estate, such as the infamous Milan M. Cvikl, would remain untaxed, while taxes would be paid by property owners in abandoned Slovenian villages.


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