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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The command, which has never been cancelled, but it was supplemented

We remember very well the order, made and issued “in the depths of the underworld”, how to “fuck” Janez Janša, as said by the former President of the Supreme Court Branko Masleša, the last judge in Yugoslavia who sentenced someone to death and who in an independent Slovenia, however, brought his career to the very top of the judicial system.

Davorin Kopše, known to the public as a former candidate for the European Parliament, has now reminded us of this. In his record, Kopše recalled some ground-breaking events that confirm his thesis that the order was not only not cancelled, but was even supplemented.

The basic cause undoubtedly dates back to the time of Slovenia’s independence with the beginning of Depala village. Kopše states that, in his opinion, the systematic persecution of Janša began after the dissolution of Demos.

In the new government than, Janša remained the Minister of Defence, which the old forces did not like, so they forged a hellish plan and issued an order for a showdown, sponsored by Milan Kučan “with his political counterpart, who could not accept the loss of his beloved state Yugoslavia, which he himself stated was his only intimate option.” This was followed by Depala village, where Milan Smolnikar, an illegal secret collaborator of the criminal service of the Ministry, led by Drago Kos, played an important role.

Another important milestone was the Patria construct in the period from year 2004 to year 2008. “An order came from the political underworld or so called ‘deep state’, that Janez Janša must be finally ‘fucked up’,” says Kopše. This was an instruction from Branko Masleša and journalist Dejan Karba was also used. In year 2011 so called popular peoples uprisings followed. After the disastrous leadership of the country of the last three governments, “the most famous leader of the decade, Marjan Šarec, resigned”.

The desire for new early elections, where the forces of continuity were supposed to consolidate their ranks and strengthen themselves, has not materialized. Even before the establishment of the new (current) government, we experienced street protests, where loud calls for the assassination of Janez Janša were heard. The command was therefore supplemented by a request that he be killed. Horrible!

Protests are still raging, there are less death threats, but there is no hope that they are over. The worst thing about the whole thing, however, is that law enforcement is unable or unwilling to find a way to stop it.


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