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Slovenia Tightens Rules on Pet Care

(Photo: Pixabay)

By: P.T., STA

The National Assembly have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill that seeks to better protect pet, increase their well-being and enhance the responsibility of their owners. The amendments to the animal protection act were backed on Wednesday in an 87:1 vote.

Presenting the new legislation, Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek said on Tuesday the solutions took into consideration the opinion of the parliamentary majority and various NGOs.

It will be prohibited to tether dogs, except in specific situations such as in the case of guard dogs at farms. Electric collars are being outlawed as well.

Guard dogs at farms will be allowed to be kept on a lead at least five metres long that will allow the dog to move around at least four metres in each direction.

The latter solution will need to be implemented by 1 January 2024.

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