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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Public sector unions and government far apart in starting proposals

The public sector trade unions are a proposal that was presented to them by the government negotiating team in the negotiations. As one problematic issue, they pointed out that, unlike the one from March, the government proposal does not foresee an increase in the wages of the worst paid, ie those of the 26th grade. Negotiations continue on Friday.

The head of the coordination of striking committees of 16 public-sector trade unions, Jakob Počivavšek, stressed that raising wages for one salary class for employees up to the 26th grade was always one of their demands. In the proposal presented today, raising wages to the lowest evaluated jobs is not included.

In his words, this is one of the key, and by no means the only problem point in the government’s proposal. According to Počivavšek, the government also did not want to define its position on proposals that are not directly related to salaries, since it wants to talk about it later.

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