Opinion Poll by Nova24TV: Most Respondents Say the Government Led by Šarec Unable to Conclude Mandate!


The government led by Marjan Šarec, in its current composition, will not complete a full term in office. This is the opinion of 60.3 percent of the participants in the Nova24TV poll, conducted by the Parsifal agency. A good 44 percent of respondents have the same confidence in the current government, as they did in the previous one.

Among those who believe that the current government will not complete a full term, 31.9 percent predict that it will last a maximum of one year, 22.1 percent believe it will last for a maximum of two years, and only 6,3 percent that it will last for a maximum of three years in office. 27.5 percent of respondents predict that the government will complete the full term, while 12.2 percent are undecided.

The majority of respondents, 66 percent, also believe that the radical left Levica Party’s activity will be the main threat to the current government coalition, while 16.3 percent of respondents think that their work will contribute to the success of the coalition. 17.7 percent of respondents did not want to specify.

When asked if they trust Šarec’s team, compared to the previous government’s ministerial team, 44.3 percent of the respondents said that they have the same confidence now as before, with Miro Cerar’s government. 28.2 percent of the respondents has less confidence than in the previous government, while 12.7 percent have more confidence in the government of Šarec than its predecessor. 11.9 percent were undecided.

The questionnaire also included one question regarding the tweets of Levica’s representatives. For most, 56.9 percent of respondents, the hints on the nationalization of property of entrepreneurs seemed harmful, 22.6 percent believe that they do not matter. 10.2 percent approved of the messages in the tweets, while 10.4 percent of respondents were undecided.

The respondents were also asked whether they agreed with the proposal of a new tax on income from capital. 77.6 percent of respondents disagree, while 17.6 percent support the proposal, and 4.8 percent are undecided.

The telephone survey was carried out by Parsifal for Nova24TV between the 24th and 26th of September. The survey covered 720 respondents, of which 49.2 percent were women. The average age was 49.5 years. The majority of respondents completed secondary school (34.4 percent), followed by those with completed higher education or more (26.9 percent), 23.3 percent of respondents have a vocational school, and 15.3 percent of respondents in the sample have completed elementary school or less.