Ignorant MEP Fajon Did Not Want to Wish a Merry Christmas to Catholics, While Having No Problem with Orthodox Christians! She Even Expressed the Greetings in the Serbian Language!

Tanja Fajon

“I wish you warm, peaceful holidays and good luck”! Were the greetings the European Social Democrat MP Tanja Fajon sent to fellow citizens via Twitter on the holy evening of December 24th. This is how she greeted the Orthodox Christians on January 7th: “A peaceful and merry Christmas to all Orthodox people who are celebrating today in Slovenia and to many Balkan friends. Srećan Božić”! Notice the difference?


Thank God for social networks that reveal to ordinary citizens the real desire of public figures, especially politicians, for who we know that they often say one thing and do completely the opposite.

We recently reported that MEP Tanja Fajon, an advocate for the open borders policy, together with her SD Party and its President Dejan Židan, did not give the citizens proper Christmas greetings. To merely say merry and peaceful holidays without mentioning Christmas is the socialist “culture” of disintegration of the Christian tradition, which some members of this party still consistently try to realize.

On the day when the Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, Fajon made a radical reversal and wished a peaceful and happy Christmas to all Orthodox Christians. She even wrote part of the greeting in Serbo-Croatian: “Srećan Božić”!

It is probably not necessary to emphasize that Fajon playing on both sides and her greater affection for “Balkan friends” will not come across the approval of the Slovenes, especially the Catholics. Christmas is considered an inalienable part of Slovenian culture, tradition and identity.

Tanja Fajon proves that she does not respect anything Slovenian. It has been known for a long time that independent Slovenia has never been an intimate option of the socialists. They are, however, crossing all boundaries with their recent activities. Last but not least, they are trying to break down Slovenia as a country of the Slovenian nation with mass illegal migrations and the introduction of foreign cultures, all the while not respecting their own, let alone care for it respectfully.