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Gas Stations All Over Slovenia Are Running Out Of Fuel! Are We Going Back To The Times Of Reductions And Oil Crisis, Or Are We In For Price Increases?

(Photo: Domen Groegl/STA)

By Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv)

Posts about fuel shortages at gas stations have spread like fire on all social media platforms. This problem is being reported from all over Slovenia, and many are wondering whether the gas stations have actually run out of fuel, whether this is a planned delay in sales in order to hold off buying until the prices rise, or whether we are returning to the times of reductions and the oil crisis. People want to know what is happening, and they also expect an explanation from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which is staying silent for now, or from the mainstream media, which are obliged to report on something like this.

Social networks have been flooded with panicked posts about fuel shortages at gas stations. Most of the reports about shortages of fuel are coming from the Petrol gas stations, so many are wondering whether Petrol is deliberately delaying sales until Tuesday in order to earn more due to the price increase or whether the company has actually run out of oil.

Excessive buying of fuel has obviously become a new reality, as people from all over Slovenia have been reporting on incredible crowds at gas stations. However, what caused an even greater panic were the reports on social networks about the lack of fuel at Petrol’s gas stations. With such a high number of people all going to get gas at the nearest gas station, many are beginning to wonder whether Slovenia is returning to the past and whether the next measure of the new government of the Republic of Slovenia is the introduction of fuel vouchers and odd-even rationing for driving, which used to be our normal. But in spite of all of this, no one is talking about any of it; no one is there to tell the citizens what is going on, not even the government, which has been loud for so long but has gone quiet all of a sudden.

In some gas stations, they really did run out of fuel – namely, social media users mostly reported about the lack of diesel fuel at Petrol’s gas stations. Did they really run out of fuel, or are oil companies deliberately holding back their oil supplies? On Tuesday, when the price of oil derivates is expected to rise again, this could bring them greater profits.

Namely, last Wednesday, Prime Minister Robert Golob said that the prices of motor fuels would rise on Tuesday. The government will reintroduce the regulation of margins of dealers at off-highway service stations and release margins and prices on motorways.

The new rules for regulating prices at gas stations will enter into force on the 21st of June. Golob said that it was still too early to talk about the price of fuel, as everything is dependent on the situation in the stock exchange market. It is most likely that a litre of gasoline will cost about 1.7 euros and a litre of diesel 1.8 euros.

We are also publishing some comments from social media users in response to what is currently going on with fuel.
“This, too, is part of the fight against the rising of prices. If there is no gas, buying it is no longer an expense.
Perhaps the government will take it one step further and reintroduce fuel vouchers and odd-even rationing for driving. With such a measure, Slovenia will definitely become the top country in Europe, and this will fit nicely with the spirit of the green hysteria,”
 wrote Božo Predalič.
Twitter user Primož wrote the following: “I’ve heard that almost all of the Petrol gas stations in my vicinity have run out of gas. Will we hear anything about this on the evening news? Will they ask any questions about why the government is not doing anything to prevent this? Will they invite truckers, unions and impoverished people in front of the microphone to talk about this?? Probably not, as it is no longer Mr Janša who is in charge of the government.”

And the media outlet Radio Slovenc asked its followers to respond to their post and write in the comments, which are the gas stations where diesel is no longer available.

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