Explosion in front of the Clergy house in Rudnik, Ljubljana. Was it an attempt of a terrorist attack?

Symbolic photo (Demokracija archive)

By P.G.

On Saturday of January 23, 2021, a stranger set off a homemade explosive device on the parking lot in front of the cemetery and the Clergy house of Ljubljana-Rudnik, around 7 p.m.

The bits and pieces of the explosion flew around and left stains and damage on the building. Luckily, none of the believers was wounded, but their personal wellbeing was threatened.

Detectives arrived at the crime scene, and have already started the procedure against the unknown offender. “We strongly reject all forms of violence and intolerance, and we call on the authorities to investigate the circumstances of this criminal act” the Slovenian Bishops Conference stated.

We reported that there was a strong explosion in Ljubljana last weekend, and it seems that most likely it was this event, although at the time the police said that it happened in Vič municipality, but did not give a precise location.

This attack happened amid the general hostilities against the Christians in Slovenia. Firstly there were media attacks against Zavod Iskreni (Institute Sincere) after they received financing that is meant for all non-governmental organizations and initiatives from the state. And in the following days, the fresco on the exterior of St Nicholas’s Cathedral in Ljubljana was vandalized with black paint.

Source: Slovenian Bishops Conference