Dr Anže Logar, Member of SDS, Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Ljubljana on Facebook

Janković / Logar

Anže Logar, the SDS Party’s member of parliament and Ljubljana City Councilman, looks like he will be running in the election for mayor of Ljubljana. “You can only win the lottery if you buy a ticket. And you have the opportunity to improve the city of Ljubljana only if you are running for mayor. So, I am running …” he wrote on Facebook.

Twenty years in politics, 8 of which as city councilor, Logar has been, moreover, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for the last four years. In his statement, Logar adds “I went into politics with honest intentions. Perhaps I have not really made the most progress, but I always maintained the self-confidence to accomplish the necessary moves to achieve my goals”.

The note was titled “Hello, Ljubljana”. Among other things, Logar said that in the last few years Ljubljana has started to lag behind the most developed cities, and that the cutting of granite cubes was a surplus ten years ago, but things have changed”.

“We are constantly reminded and bombarded by propaganda that Ljubljana is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. Is it really?” he wrote. Logar then asks the reader, whether there really is the so-called integrated public transport and the low-cost annual ticket, whether there really are the organized cycling routes and public services at a moderate price, and whether the bus comes on time at rush hour or if there really are no queues for medical care.

Logar replies: “Not really”, adding that he wants to change all this.

The candidacy for the mayor’s office in the capital has so far been announced by the current and notorious Mayor Zoran Janković, suspected of corruption, who has been at the helm of Ljubljana since 2006, and Smiljan Mekicar who is the candidate of the Good State Party, which does not have a representative in the current composition of the City Council.