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“Corruption in the University Medical Centre Ljubljana has crossed all borders!” Desperate employees reveal many things

More and more employees at UKC Ljubljana are despairing about corruption (Photo: STA)

By: Domen Mezeg (Nova24TV.si)

“Corruption in the University Medical Centre (UKC) has crossed all borders in the last three years and that is why we dissatisfied UKC employees (there are currently 37 of us in the group – from doctors to nurses) decided to express our opinion and also point out all the problems. Why incognito? Because we care and because we still want to work in the service of people, as some of us actually thought when we took the Hippocratic Oath,” wrote desperate employees at UKC Ljubljana in a public letter.

“Why did we decide to take this step? Last week, the Council of the Institute of the UKC Ljubljana met, which discussed the forensic report on the activities of the UKC Ljubljana in a session closed to the public. Some of us sighed with relief and naively believed that this time it would be different. Why? Because Dr Janez Poklukar quietly terminated the internal audit service, the selected external auditor was not up to the task and as a result, this report should show all the irregularities,” wrote a team of disgruntled employees at UKC Ljubljana in the introduction.

What initially worried and surprised them was that there was almost no media in Slovenia that reported on this report. “We still hope that you were not informed about this report,” they wrote in horror. A team of desperate employees would like to inform us of the immense paradox created by this report. “As you surely know, the Institute’s Council is a kind of supervisory body for the operation of UKC Ljubljana. The report was ordered by the Council of the institute to learn about possible bad practices at UKC Ljubljana, and we are sure that this report addressed quite a few of them,” the team wrote.

Employees may assume that the report also shows signs of criminal activity – they do not know for sure, but they can assume. After all, they have a lot of evidence to prove it. “As mentioned, the client of the report was the Council of the UKC Institute Ljubljana – to verify the functioning of procurement and, consequently, public and record orders. So far, all well and good,” they wrote. The next step of the director, doc. Dr Marko Jug, according to their statements, was incomprehensible (unreasonable) for many of them. And this is the reason they came forward and will continue with this practice until the media will not be able to overhear them.

The general director Jug himself is involved in controversial transactions?!

“So, after the meeting of the Council of the institute, the respected director, doc. Dr Jug submitted this report to the UKC Procurement Service and the UKC Legal Service!? This is roughly the same as if the supervisor handed over the information and the key to the room where all the evidence is kept to the person awaiting trial, while he himself went to lunch in the meantime,” they explained in horror. They are wondering about the reason for this senseless behaviour of the director of the University Medical Centre of Ljubljana, doc. Dr Jug. “Things just got out of hand!” they concluded desperately.

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