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Monday, December 11, 2023

Changes to the Animal Protection Act aimed against farmers, the veterinary profession, animal husbandry, and private property

By: Moja Dolenjska

Members of the ruling coalition (Svoboda, SD, and Levica) yesterday, under the guise of protecting animal interests, passed amendments to the Animal Protection Act, allowing non-governmental organisations to illegally photograph private property. Legal experts warn that the law is unconstitutional.

Under the new law, someone with a 40-hour course will supervise farmers and veterinarians under the guise of a “qualified reporter”. The powers of these so-called informants under the new law exceed the boundaries of privacy.

As MP Jože Lenart (SDS) said at yesterday’s session: “Various associations will have precedence over veterinarians, agronomists, and inspectors. I, who have read 2 books about dogs, do not consider myself an expert. Such oversight should only be carried out by those who have seriously studied these matters.”

MP Alenka Helbl (SDS) added: “The Animal Protection Act is aimed against farmers, the veterinary profession, animal husbandry, and private property. You talk a big game about you and your president following the profession. But today, for the second time, we are discussing a law that is not in line with the profession. How can we support an Animal Protection Act that has been torn apart by the legislative-legal service in 13 pages?”

Opposition to the introduction of the so-called qualified reporter also comes from the veterinary and agricultural professions, where they are convinced that this provision degrades the veterinary profession, and the 40-hour education required to obtain this title is insufficient.

The proposal for an amendment to the Animal Protection Act was submitted to parliament by members of the coalition parliamentary groups, with Meira Hot (SD) as the primary signatory. The preparation also involved the office of Prime Minister Robert Golob, represented by his aide Tina Gaber, who shared her joy on social media over the adopted law. So far, she is only known for keeping nutrias in Ljubljana and for having had a small dog in the past.


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