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Monday, December 11, 2023

Bill passed to amend criminal procedure act and legislation cutting motor vehicles tax passed

By: P.T., STA

The National Assembly passed in a 43:36 vote a bill amending the criminal procedure act. Based on the freedom of information act, the changes make it possible for anyone to access prosecution or court records in criminal procedures if there are no reservations for such access.

Moreover, the amendments set down that the state prosecutor is required to make a decision on whether to bring the indictment or not in 90 days at the latest.

Legislation cutting motor vehicles tax passed

The National Assembly endorsed a reform bill on motor vehicles tax as a result of which most car and motorbike buyers will pay less tax, especially buyers of more powerful vehicles. The levy will depend on emissions. The legislation has been criticised by the Consumer Association, which said the new system would make it more difficult to entice consumers to buy more environmentally friendly cars or improve the use of public transportation.

MPs back special tax treatment of shipping companies

 The National Assembly passed changes to the tonnage tax act extending by another ten years a special regulation under which shipping companies pay an alternative form of corporate income tax. The current corporate income tax act has allowed shippers since 2007 the option of paying a lump sum relative to the net tonnage and the number of days the ship is in operation.


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