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Against the coronavirus also with music and singing

Ljubljana . STA

Slovenian musicians have addressed the public with a call for spontaneous musical and singing performances at their home today at 6 pm across Slovenia. The initiative was also supported by the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities (JSKD), which emphasizes that music inspires people with positive emotions and hope.

According to the JSKD, music can unite and inspire hope at times such as these during the coronavirus epidemic. As the authorities point out, grouping at concerts and other occasions is not recommended, so musicians and the JSKD call for occasional music creation “on the balcony, by the window, on the terrace or in the yard”.

According to foreign media, this kind of creation can be noticed in recent days in Italy, where people sang the Italian anthem on Friday and also one of the most famous Italian songs Azzurro on Saturday.

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