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A new shame for the current Defence Minister: as an MP, Marjan Šarec opposed the purchase of firefighting aircrafts

Marjan Šarec (Photo: Demokracija)

By Domen Mezeg (Nova24tv.si)

“We bought the same aircraft for the Slovenian Army during our mandate. Delivery is promised for this year,” Janez Janša wrote alongside a video of two Romanian Spartan planes during the extinguishing of the Karst. The behaviour of the previous government confirms its foresight. Buying an airplane is not the only move of this kind. The decision of Interior Minister Hojs and General Director of Police Anton Olaj to purchase an agustawestland AW 169 helicopter, which also helps in firefighting, was also key.

On the contrary, short-sightedness can be detected, for example in the case of Defence Minister Marjan Šarec, who opposed the purchase of a Spartan when he was still an MP. SDS MP Žan Mahnič: “Marjan Šarec and Rudi Medved opposed the purchase of such an aircraft as MPs.” Former LMŠ personnel would impoverish our country’s potential in the field of defence and civil protection. We can only be afraid of such leaders. In the event of another emergency, everyone could bear the painful consequences of their recklessness and bad decisions.

The Slovenian army explains the usefulness of the Spartans: “Just landed at Brnik airport – the Romanian armed forces sent two Spartans to support firefighting on the Karst, accompanied by a C130 Hercules transport plane for logistical support. The Spartan can dump 6,000 litters of water in one burst.” Besides Robert Golob, Šarec found himself in the role of political “frontman” when it comes to dealing with the biggest fire in the history of Slovenia. In the event that his non-support for the purchase of the Spartan was valid, he would further weaken his own position in the ministerial chair, i.e., he would harm himself.

Above all, he would potentially further endanger human lives, property, and nature. This is a clever idea similar to the one that he would rather buy outdated and inferior KTO Rosomaks instead of top-quality armoured boxers! Šarec is clearly a lefty in one way or another (as it turns out, he also has two left hands). We have already reported several times that in the case of injuries, natural disasters, etc., military equipment plays a key role, which is obviously difficult for various “šarecs” and “mesecs” to understand. Or they simply do not want to believe, and they simply do not give a hoot, similar to the case of natural population growth and the Office of Demography.

We decided on a relatively cheap and effective collective defence, so we also have obligations!

The money should be primarily for service NGOs… Supposedly also for various “white substances”, as has been heard lately. In the case of Šarec, it should not be surprising if he had six remedial exams in high school, and if the professor told him that he was “dumb as a d*ck”. The greater tragedy is that such cadres find themselves in leading state positions, which is certainly the result of negative selection under the influence of the deep state. Part of the responsibility for Šarec’s wrong decisions could also be borne by the controversial Damir Črnčec, Šarec’s personal advisor.

Another key issue is that Slovenia has decided on collective defence within the framework of NATO, which is cheaper and, above all, more effective. It is absolutely clear that in the event of a war, Slovenia would hardly prosper on its own. Because of the long peace after World War II, we have become spoiled, some even so much that they do not even realise the importance of the ancient wisdom: “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Especially among the Metelka’s anarchists, a short-sighted, romantic, infantile, stupid belief is appearing in the style: “Less weapons, less violence, less war”.

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