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A Letter from Franci Kindlhofer to Ursula von der Leyen: I am certainly in favour of the rule of law, but financial pressure alone will not lead us further

Franci Kindlhofer and Ursula von der Leyen. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

by Peter Truden

Already at the end of October, Franci Kindlhofer wrote a letter to European Commission President von der Leyen, but he has not yet received an answer.

Franci Kindlhofer is vice-president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence. He graduated from the Academy of World Trade in Frankfurt am Main. He translated the book Stalin and Hitler – Pact against Europe into Slovene. He has been living in Bled since his retirement. His motto are the words of dr. Jože Pučnik: “Slovenians must re-write recent history completely anew.”

He now wrote to her as follows:

»Dear Madam President dr. von der Leyen,

I sent you this mail on October 28th, 2020. It says on your website that I can expect a response in four days. It is clear to me that this is not possible in this case, but I can certainly expect a short answer in the next time.

These days, the letter of our Prime Minister Janez Janša, addressed to the EU, caused a great deal of excitement in the far left camp. But the EU will have to work on these unresolved issues in the former communist countries in the future. I am certainly in favour of the rule of law, but financial pressure alone will not lead us further, because that would mean gross interference in the internal politics of the country in question. Of course, care must be taken to prevent corruption and waste of money.

I have known Mr. Janez Janša since the beginning of Slovenia’s independence and democratisation, as a moderate but determined politician against any dictatorship. Precisely because of this, he is the constant target of unjustified attacks from the communist camp led by Mrs. Tanja Fajon, whom I have already mentioned above.

Kind regards from Slovenia

Franci Kindlhofer«

And this is his October letter to von der Leyen:

»Presidents of the European Commission

Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen


Zasip, on 28.10.2020

Subject: Support for the crimes of the communist regime in Slovenia by MEP Tanja Fajon

Madam President von der Leyen,

From 2021, the above-mentioned Slovenian Member of the European Parliament, Mrs. Tanja Fajon, will assume an important position in the management of the EU budget for asylum and migration. Recently, Ms. Fajon took over the leadership of the SD political party in Slovenia, which is called the Social Democrats, but is the direct successor of the Slovenian Communist Party. Before the political changes in Slovenia, it was called the League of Communists of Slovenia. Mrs. Fajon’s political activity in Slovenia is assessed as the care of Marxism. This is especially evident in the fact that it demonstrates public affiliation with the criminals of Tito’s communism. In the attached photo, she is accompanied by her party colleagues as she bowed in front of the monument to the criminal Boris Kidrič, whom some even compare to the Nazi Goebbels. He was a leading party functionary and co-responsible for all the assassinations of political opponents during and after the war. Special camps were set up for the Germans, in which, especially women and children died of starvation and disease. One such place was even named after the murderer Kidrič.

Many relatives of the murdered in Slovenia still suffer today because this chapter of our sad history has not yet been satisfactorily addressed. As a result, sculptures of these criminals still stand in various places in Slovenia and are often the target of pilgrimages by defenders of communist crimes.

This part of history has not yet been sufficiently discussed in Slovenia. Even in school books, the communist revolution is still seen as a war of liberation against foreign aggressors. That this was not a liberation struggle is witnessed by over six hundred slaughterhouses and cemeteries throughout Slovenia. It is also a sad fact that this revolution cost more lives than the terror of the occupiers.

I know you as a sensible German politician. During my many years in Germany, I followed with great admiration how Germany handled crimes from the past. This is still awaits us. However, I note that it is very difficult to present our situation to those people in Europe who have been enjoying freedom and democracy since 1945. We ask for more understanding for those who had had to wait for this for the next 45 years.

I would be very grateful if you could check this matter so that people who defend terror and crime are not yet rewarded with well-paid positions in Brussels. Mrs. Fajon is also showing her disruptive side at home in Slovenia, as she is doing everything possible to remove a government that works well to the satisfaction of the majority of the population.

With all due respect

Franci Kindlhofer«

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