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Vandal attack on Slovenian churches again! Offensive graffiti are proof of who is behind all this!

Trnov chucch, Ljubljana (Photo: A.S.)

By: S.A., Demokracija

In recent weeks and months, Ljubljana has been flooded with graffiti by anarchists and neo-Marxist cycling protesters, who are destroying Ljubljana’s facades and the aesthetics of the capital. Now, however, the leftists have apparently turned their backs on the churches as well, as they have recently listed the Church of St. John the Baptist, better known as the Church of Trnovo. Graffiti appeared on the church: “Clero-fascists away from our wombs and rights”, which also contains a sign that combines the symbol of anarchists and the female symbol, which was appropriated by feminists. Vandalism is obviously the responsibility of some kind of anarchy-feminists, or a group of antifa anarchists, feminists and other leftists.

It is probably also an attempt to show solidarity with Polish feminists, as the Polish Conservative government recently banned abortion, followed by mass protests by NGOs, feminists and other progressive leftists.

It is interesting how the persons and groups who are loudest in terms of accepting others and in terms of tolerance show the least respect for different opinions and people with whom they do not agree.

Recently, a case of vandalism was recorded in the Church of Christ the King in Gothenburg, where, among others, the Slovene Catholic Mission in Sweden is home and the Slovene priest Zvone Podvinski is massing. On Friday, November 13th, 2020, unknown perpetrators destroyed the interior of the said Catholic Church just before 13.00. Some suspect it was an attack by Islamic extremists, although this has not been proven so far.


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