569 infections confirmed in 3,067 tests on Saturday, 40 people died

(Montage: Matic Štojs Lomovšek)

By: J.S., STA

Slovenia recorded 569 new coronavirus cases on Saturday out of 3,067 PCR and rapid tests combined, and 40 further Covid-related deaths, fresh government data showed.

Compared with a week ago, the daily case count continued to improve. 1,220 persons were in hospital, down by four on Friday, including 188 patients in intensive care, a drop of five. The positivity rate for PCR tests was roughly 21%, an improvement from 24% on Friday. The 7-day average of new daily cases continued to decline, falling to 1,366 from 1,392 the day before. The figure is nearing the 7-day average of 1,350 that is set as the limit below which easing of restrictions can begin.